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4 Smart Tips For Purchasing Auto Parts

Research is the number one tool in your auto part buying arsenal. Doing online legwork can help you find the part you need at the right price.

Use these 4 tips to purchase auto parts.

Do Thorough Due Diligence

Research intelligently to find the right parts for your car. Don’t take any shortcuts. Look for authority sites to find out more on the parts you need. If you have found the car part in question see if it’s being sold within a reasonable distance from your home.

Check for the same parts but do a search for shipping costs. If you’ll pay a few extra bucks to have the part shipped it may be worth saving gas money and sparing your car a bit of wear and tear. Do your homework to find the most cost effective solution.

Check the Part Number

Before you move forward with visiting a dealership call to verify the part number in question. Never drive to a shop until you’ve verified the part number with the dealer.

Parts may be unique to a specific type of transmission. In some cases the part may only be compatible with a certain engine type. In either case it’s your full responsibility to check the part number to investigate any compatibility issues. Don’t assume that a common part will automatically be compatible with your automobile. Starters, alternators, sensors, modules and computers all must be verified before purchasing each part for your ride.

Be Pleasant

You have every right to haggle but you have no business being nasty to dealers. Haggle intelligently and respectfully to find the right price for both parties. Understand that each party wants to come out on top but if you don’t trust one another you won’t get the auto part and the dealer won’t make a sale.

Be nice. You can bargain firmly but courteously to get the best price possible. Be reasonable. Do your homework beforehand to come to the table with an appropriate offer in mind.

Dealers have been around the block far more often than you have. If you attempt to pull one over on them by going way too low you may anger or insult them. They’re likely to go just as high. If you’re in a bind, your greediness may cost you, and if you try even harder to drive a bargain you may lose any chance of making a buy and fixing your car.

Meet at an agreed price by looking for a mini bargain. At the end of the day paying an extra few bucks is worth having your car up and running quickly.

Go Coupon Crazy

Coupons are a best kept secret among car enthusiasts. Getting a sweet rebate by doing a little extra due diligence can pad your pockets nicely.

Look for manufacturer rebates and coupon codes to save yourself money. You can cash in online by buying auto supplies in bulk. Buy a few extra items you’ll need eventually like coolant to reach the price threshold and to make coupons valid.

Buy auto parts online by taking an intelligent approach. A little extra research can save you money while getting your car up and running in no time.

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