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4 Things To Keep In Mind For Window Installation

Since you’ll need to invest significant capital for a new set of windows plan installation carefully. Think about how the windows may affect pathways and gardens and plan to maximize energy efficiency during extremely hot or cold months.  You can improve your home’s appearance and lower energy bills in one fell swoop by picking windows mindfully.

Avoid confusion by keeping these four things in mind before installing new windows in your home.

Installation Tips

Even if you choose a high quality window if you do a poor job installing the window all goes for naught. Brick, vinyl or wood siding is not immune from damaging water leaks. Use a building wrap to allow for a fluid, orderly dispersing of water after heavy rain showers so that water doesn’t make its way behind the window. Use caulking to seal the window effectively. Prevent any leaking by using flashing tape during the installation process. Picking a window is just one part of the process. Be a bear for details when installing windows to avoid any problems with leaking and damage.

Observe the Environmental Factor

The elements can wear on both your home and your windows. Assess how you can better protect your windows from rain, snow, wind and extreme heat. Aluminum clad wood can give your house a traditional feel without sacrificing protection against harsh environmental elements. You’ll be able to go a longer period of time between paintings and you’ll have a wide array of colors to choose from using aluminum clad wood. Consider brick molding as a trim option to find a nice match for your painted wood window look.  This low maintenance set up saves you money and time.

What type of climate do you live in? Since climates vary take seasonal temperature contrasts into account before choosing and installing windows. In terms of efficiency speak to a window repair professional about how you should set up your windows to make your climate work for you. Pick a three paned window with ample space in between panes to promote insulation. Buy windows with reflective films which repel sun during peak warm months. During cold months the same film acts as an insulating shield to keep your home warm. Buy with an eye on the seasons to maximize efficiency and to lower your energy bills.

Think Efficiency

Energy efficient windows make your home comfortable and save you money. Go with a simulated divide window for an energy efficient, classic looking option similar in appearance to historic window sashes. You can get the divided light look without sacrificing energy efficiency. Seek out windows with good R values by weather stripping historic, single-pane wood windows.  Make sure to pair these with interior storm windows to boost efficiency and to spend less on energy bills.

Think Placement

Before installing windows think about placement. Dwell on potential exterior issues. An open window may obstruct outdoor pathways or break tender flower stems.Plan for the interior and exterior of your home prior to buying and installing windows.

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