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4 Tips For Enjoying Your Massage

Are you overwhelmed by stress? Head to spa. Getting a massage promotes your relaxation and peace of mind. Bodily and mental tension builds during normal day to day activities. Driving your kids to school and picking them up daily and running various errands can stress your mind and body.  Going to spa to get massaged can melt away your worries and bodily pain in minutes.

Use these 4 tips to enjoy your massage.


Breathing at a normal rate during your massage creates a more enjoyable experience. Increase your relaxation and peace of mind by allowing your breathing to flow freely. Don’t try to slow down your breathing. Avoid taking deep breaths during your massage sessions. Deviating from your normal breathing pattern creates massage-negating anxiety and tension within your being. Breathe normally.  Resist urges to limit or stop your breathing while massagers explore sensitive areas of your body. Relax. Let your breathing freely flow to create a pleasurable experience.

Find the Right Clothing Mix

If you don’t want to fully disrobe take off as much clothing as you feel comfortable removing. Skin to skin contact creates a more enjoyable experience but feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable during massages negates any relaxing effect. Even if you’re not big on shedding clothing lose a few articles to get more out of your massage. Go with loose-fitting clothes if you have no desire to strip down at all. Let the massage therapist work you over during the session. While you undress the massage therapist should leave the room or provide you with a private space to disrobe. Towels or sheets are offered for covering up during the massage. Therapists only uncover worked body parts during the massage to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

Speak to Your Therapist

Communicate with your massage therapist for a more comfortable, pleasant experience. Set your expectations. Divulge any health issues which could affect how the massage therapist massages you. Open channels of communication to enjoy the experience fully. Share any allergies to powders, lotions and oils. Go with substitutes to cut down on friction without creating an allergic reaction.

Do you enjoy a silent massage session? Tell your therapist whether or not to turn on music. Some people prefer silence while others appreciate hearing soothing music. Share any concerns about the massage before receiving treatment. Worries about any sensitive or tender areas can create anxiety and disrupt your experience. Let your massage therapist know of any tight or sensitive areas before you get a massage. Alert them to your tender calves or sore fingers. Therapists are in the business of helping you feel better so they can go gentle when massaging these delicate areas.

Relax Mind and Body

Take care of your home by relaxing both your mind and body during massage sessions. Easing mental and bodily tension creates an environment amenable to peace and relaxation. Tightening your muscles negates the effect of massages. If you harden your muscles during a massage alert your therapist. Massagers can use different techniques to promote muscle relaxation. Skilled therapists can simply lighten up by administering a gentler massage.

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