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4 Tips To Save Money For New Homebuyers

4 Tips To Save Money For New Homebuyers

Buying a new home doesn’t need to be an expensive ordeal. Plunging into heavy debt is usually the result of poor financial planning and even more foolish purchases. Do your homework to find bargains.

Use these tips to save money while buying a new home.

Pick an Inexpensive Mover

Depending on how far you have to move research movers online and offline to locate an inexpensive mover. Know that going cheap may not be the best bargain. Some movers charge less money but provide a less than dependable service. Pay a reasonable rate for movers who will transport your stuff from point A to point B without damaging your valuables. Speak to your referral network to get the best deals. Movers may quote without visiting both your old and new homes. Other moving companies may quote higher rates if they’ve seen how much you have to move. When you factor in the cost of paying for boxes you may be spending a small fortune by hiring a mover outside of your referral network. Speak to a trusted friend who was happy with a mover. These companies will usually take care of you at a reasonable discount compared to movers who see you as strangers.

Do Your Furniture Research

Decide what furniture you need well before you  buy your new home to save money. If you’re downgrading or upgrading in terms of your new home’s size you may need a new sofa or other pieces of furniture. Identify sales by shopping for deals before you need the furniture. Open yourself to clearance opportunities. Waiting until the last minute puts you at the mercy of furniture stores and big box retailers. Accessories like rugs and wall hangings can be purchased on the cheap if you are on the prowl for hot deals well before you need to move.

Stack Boxes

Gather as many boxes as possible to save a boatload of money. You’d be stunned at both the number of boxes you need and the cost of each box. Some movers charge $20 or more per box. Adding up 20, 30 or 40 boxes for a move can cost you a small fortune in box fees alone. Collect boxes from as many sources as possible. Check with convenience and grocery stores. Call local schools. Contact any business which uses boxes regularly and wouldn’t mind you taking stock off of their hands. Save any boxes you may receive at holidays such as Christmas time. Before trashing large boxes used to house gifts flatten them out and save them for a future move. Save yourself money and legwork trying to find cheap or free boxes by working with what you already have.

Talk to the Tax Man

Know tax credits for home buyers. Save some serious coin during your move by learning about tax credits for green additions to your home. Did you know that using energy efficient windows can boost your credits? Do your homework to save when tax time comes around.

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