5 Favourite Places To Wear My Casual Ladies Hoodie

There is nothing quite as cosy and comfortable as a girl’s favourite hoodie. As an essential part of everybody’s wardrobe, thehoodie is always there ready to keep you warm, no matter how cold the weather gets. With a variety of online stores now offering premium women’s casual hoodies in a range of styles and sizes there really is no excuse to not go out and buy one. I know that for me it really is a vital part of my everyday outfit choices and I love to wear it when I’m doing a range of different activities.

An Early Morning Walk

There is nothing better than waking up on a morning and opening the curtains to a sunny, crisp autumn day. It definitely makes me want to jump out of bed and go for a walk before the world wakes up. As I get out of bed and get dressed I can feel the chill in the air which is soon forgotten when I put my hoodie on and head out of the front door. Not only does my hoodie keep me warm, but it also complements the rest of my outfit and adds a bit of fun and comfort to a pair of jeans or leggings.

Snuggling On the Sofa

The cold winter months are the perfect time for snuggling up on the sofa and watching a good movie. But add to that a pair of toasty socks, a hot drink and your favourite hoodie and you really are in paradise. The best thing about having a casual hoodie on this occasion is that they are so comfortable to wear. Whether you want to snuggle up on the sofa with your other half or stretch out and relax, you don’t have to worry about feeling the draught in a snuggly warm hoodie.

A Girly Shopping Trip

A girly shopping trip is an excellent day out for me and I love to spend hours walking round the shops, trying on different clothes, looking for the perfect outfit. Although sometimes it is fun to dress up and look your best for a shopping trip, sometimes the best option is just to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. This is when I choose to wear my hoodie. It’s great for when I’m trying on clothes as I can just pop it offered on really easily and I never get cold walking between the shops.

A Road Trip with Friends

Going on a road trip with your friends is an excellent opportunity to hang out, have fun and relax. But spending a couple of hours in a car can end up being quite uncomfortable. This is where your choice of outfit really matters. You may look great in your skinny jeans and tight T-shirt (just check out Selena Gomez!), but is this really the most comfortable outfit to wear? For me, throwing on my Ugg boots and my favourite hoodie means that I can really enjoy the road trip in comfort.

Watching a Movie

Going to the cinema is great fun, but making sure you’re comfortable can be really difficult. Either the cinema is too hot or too cold for your seat is uncomfortable. Again, this is another excuse for me to bring along my trusty hoodie from Quemondo that I can throw on if I’m too cold, take off if I’m too warm or even roll up into a pillow to rest my head on if I’m feeling uncomfortable.

So if you don’t have a favourite hoodie that is warm stylish and comfortable, then now is a great time to go out and buy one.

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