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5 Kitchen Design Tips

Most homeowners spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. From preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner to grabbing a midnight snack you want your kitchen space to feel warm and inviting during your frequent visits.

Use these 5 tips to design your kitchen.

Inject Fun into Your Kitchen Design

Bland, boring energy bleeds through your kitchen’s design. Spruce things up. Have fun redecorating your kitchen by adding a playful air to your design. Don’t follow boring and worn out rules. Do things which feel enjoyable to you. Think warm, personal and inviting when planning your kitchen design. Keeping elements of old rooms or living spaces adds to the playfulness of your kitchen. For example, if you’re adding a small kitchen to your garage area you could consider leaving parts of the garage interior to create an authentic, genuine experience. Maybe the garage storage shelf can stick around. Visitors will enjoy and appreciate your playfulness as the fun energy seeps through the room.

Move Cabinets to the Ceiling

Take advantage of space. Create a visually appealing environment. Move cabinets to the ceiling. Low-placed cabinets are dust and accessory collecting eyesores in most kitchen environments. Forget about adding clutter to your kitchen. Design with an eye on efficiency. Use glass fronts to keep your cabinets clean and neat-looking.

If you’re too short to reach the cabinets use a small step ladder to access them. Consider storing less frequently used items in high level cabinets to save yourself time and energy in fetching pots, pans or whatever you’re storing in these spots.

Think through Wall Ovens

Placing a wall oven by itself creates a dicey situation for cooking. Countertops can be welcome companions when you have a piping hot, 20 pound turkey to remove from the oven. Wall ovens should be placed between countertops for convenience and aesthetic purposes.

Don’t Go Overboard

Over-design is the enemy of any kitchen decorator. Know when to stop. After creating a tasteful, inviting kitchen cease adding elements. Stop upgrading. Use the principle of contrast to create an appealing environment. Busy designs distract and outright repel sophisticated visitors. If you want to redesign your kitchen with an eye on style make “subtlety” your buzzword.

Instead of placing a monstrosity of a stainless steel fridge in the corner of a small kitchen go with a less aggressive model. Purchase something which fits the décor of your kitchen. Don’t try too hard to impress anybody. Know when you’re done by throwing in the towel when you feel pleased with your kitchen.

Use Space to Your Advantage

A skilled designer uses space to create contrast in a kitchen. Using space effectively is as important as buying the right appliances or picking the right color for your walls. Don’t buy too many items for your kitchen and go easy on the cabinets.  Designing to allow for open space throughout various kitchen spots creates an inviting feel to the room. Filling your kitchen with too much stuff creates a feeling of claustrophobia.

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