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5 Tips For Getting Pregnant

Are you excited to grow your family? Before trying to get pregnant you may want to make a few lifestyle changes. Research suggests that how you treat your body and mind can boost your chances of conceiving. Becoming familiar with your ovulation cycle doesn’t hurt your chances either. By being informed you can improve your overall wellness while maximizing your chances of getting pregnant quickly.

Become Familiar with Your Cycle

Knowing your cycle increases the chances of getting pregnant. Since you can become pregnant during a small window knowing your cycle maximizes your chances of conceiving. This period spans about 6 days around your cycle. You can either buy ovulation prediction kits in your local drug store or you can get accustomed to bodily changes experienced when you begin ovulating. Some women report some pain on one side of their body during ovulating cycles or note other cues that this process has begun.

Have Sex throughout the Month

Even though having sex during peak periods increases your chances of getting pregnant don’t forget to allow passion into your relationship. Bonding with your partner and lifting both people’s energies can help you conceive more speedily. Don’t allow test results to dictate your sex life. Some couples have sex only during the most fertile periods but following this practice doesn’t fully increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. Have unprotected sex throughout a series of months if you want to grow your family. Fertile times differ from month to month in some women. Capitalize on this variation by having sex every 2 to 3 days. Since some women aren’t like clockwork when it comes to their ovulating periods it makes sense to have sex as frequently as possible to get pregnant more quickly.

Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a critical aspect of conceiving. Women who are overweight reduce their chances of getting pregnant. Lower your weight to be healthier and to jumpstart the process of growing your family.  Avoid any hormonal imbalances associated with having a high body mass index by eating a nutritious, healthy diet and by exercising regularly. Taking care of your body can help you  get pregnant more quickly.

Stop Smoking

Quit smoking to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Smoking can reduce fertility. The habit also adversely affects your health. Kick the nasty habit if you’re serious about growing your family. If you’re a passive smoker you don’t get a free pass. Stop smoking entirely as women may reduce fertility levels and men may lower their sperm counts by puffy on cigarettes.

Chill out

Minimize stress to get pregnant. Going offline, taking vacation days and learning how to chill out creates a more favorable environment for conceiving. Your energy plays a vital role in your life. Relaxed, happy couples are likely to get pregnant quickly versus stressed couples who aren’t taking care of their mental or physical health. Go to spa more frequently. Make room in your schedule for an extended trip to some tropical hot spot. Do whatever it takes to chill out if you want to grow your family.

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