5 Ways To Beat Jet Lag When You Travel

If you’re planning to take a flight that’s only a couple of hours long, then you probably don’t have to worry about experiencing any signs or symptoms of jet lag. But, if you’re someone who travels a lot for a living or you’re preparing for an international trip, then jet lag is something you probably want to prepare for before boarding your flight.

Being that none of us like feeling extremely fatigued, dehydrated, and anxious or any of the other symptoms that are oftentimes come with jet leg, we’ve got five proven tips that will help you to beat jet leg when you travel below:

Plan to arrive where you’re going during the day. One thing that you can do to avoid jet leg should actually happen as you’re booking your tickets. By planning to arrive to your final destination in the daytime rather than they night, that can help you to better adjust to the schedule of where you’re headed. That way, you can stay up when you get there and go to sleep when everyone else does.

Get on your final destination’s time zone beforehand. A part of avoiding jet leg is mentally getting your body on the time zone of your final destination. This means that once you’re on the plane, you should set your watch to that time (your cell phone should automatically reset itself). Also, once you arrive, try to avoid saying things like “It’s 5 o’clock back at home.” You need to train your body to follow the sunrises and sunsets of where you are; not where you’ve been.

Drink plenty of water. While you’re on the plane, the flight attendant will ask you what beverage of choice that you would like to drink. Our recommendation is that you drink as much water as possible. One reason is because drinking plenty of water helps to decrease your chances of dehydration. Also, there are medical reports which indicate that by drinking plenty of water a day, it aids in relieving fatigue while boosting energy levels too.

Avoid caffeine. Speaking of drinking, caffeine is a stimulant so if you’re drinking a lot of coffee, black tea or drinking a lot of colas, it can make it hard for you to go to sleep. And while you might think staying up will make traveling easier, the reality is that you need just as much sleep as you normally do. So, the day before your trip, plan to get six hours. And when you get to where you’re going, try drinking some herbal tea and going to bed at your regular sleep time.

Move around (often). Whether you’re planning to travel on a commercial flight or through a company like AVJet Corporation, you’re going to participate in a little jet travel, if you’re going to be in the air for hours on end, one thing that you definitely want to avoid doing is staying in your seat the entire time. Being that the air pressure is different when you’re flying up in the air, you need to keep your blood circulation going. It decreases the chances of getting blood clots, plus it helps to prevent jet lag too. For tips on exercises that you can do while traveling on an airplane, visit LIVESTRONG and put “exercises for long plane rides” in the search field. There are many great articles at http://www.rafttoday.com/ which offers travel advice and reviews.

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