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5 Ways To Earn Extra Money

5 Ways To Earn Extra Money

With cost of living continually on the rise and wages not inflating at the same pace. Everyone seems to be searching for more ways to make money. Below are 5 suggestions to make more money on the side.

1. Recommend a Business

Businesses are always looking for new customers and one of the favored approaches is the ‘refer a friend’ process. Some businesses even paid handsomely for this while others give out store credit, points or even free meals. Certain banks offer their customers $50 cash when a referred friend signs up!

2. Clean Your House

You would be surprise how much money you could make just by cleaning out your house! As they say one man’s trash and another’s treasure. Next time you’re due for a spring clean, take everything you don’t need and organize a garage sale, a flea market stall or even through eBay. Some stuff (designer/branded) is easier to sell online. While knickknacks are better being sold on site (flea market stall) as people tend to buy those on impulse.

3. Sell your Personal Lingerie Items

The demand for used panties, socks, bras and tights is bigger than you think! Many girls successfully sell their used panties online and make up to $500 a month! The easiest way to do this is to sign up to sites that can help you sell your used panties online. That way you don’t have to make your own website, all the work is already done for you and you only have to pay a minimum monthly fee. Otherwise you could also try selling on Reddit or Craig lists. You would be surprise by how many people want to buy your used panties!

4. Drug Testing

Drug testing is where you get paid for testing drugs for a certain amount of time. This one really depends on how much you value your health. Some people do it without any problems and some get really sick.

5. Be a Virtue Girl/Boy Friend

This is really popular in countries like Japan where many people lack human interaction. You get paid to send messages, texts and chat. It’s like phone sex but without the sex.

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