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5 Ways To Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs

Lowering your air conditioning costs calls for creative thinking. Spending more time in different areas of your home, adjusting your thermostat at the right times and employing fans to circulate air can lower your energy bills significantly.

If you’re struggling to beat the heat while saving money use these 5 tips to lower your energy costs during warm weather months.

Hang in Your Basement

The basement is likely the coolest area in your home. Hang out in your basement to chill and to cut down on your energy bills. Buy a TV and some furniture to make your basement a “heat avoidance” bunker during the warmest months.

Use Inexpensive Fans to Increase Circulation

Don’t overspend on elaborate ceiling fans or other expensive devices to circulate air in your home. Invest in a few simple fans for your home’s upper level to lower your energy bills.

Refrain from relying on air conditioning alone to keep temperatures comfortable. Opening windows on the first floor and using a fan or 2 on your second floor can keep things cool on the cheap. Be creative. If you find certain rooms to be a bit too warm for your liking but don’t feel like lowering your thermostat to cool things down consider using fans and open windows to increase air circulation in the area.

Raise the Temperature at the Right Times

Feel free to drop the thermostat to cool, comfortable levels when you’re relaxing at home but turn up the temperature when you’re sleeping or at work to boost savings. If nobody’s home raise your thermostat to a comfortable temperature for any pets. Since you’ll likely be fast asleep after hitting the sack bump up your thermostat a few degrees to lower your air conditioning costs.

Cover Your Windows

Cut down on sunlight and heat entering your home through the use of shutters, blinds and other techniques to block solar energy. Consider using solar screens to maximize energy savings. If less heat makes its way into your home your central air unit need not work as much to cool your house.

You can also use window films to keep out heat but your windows must be shut for this strategy to work. If you live in an area beset by insects stick with the solar screens or shades to lower indoor temperatures.

Use Green to Save Green

Plant shrubs, trees and bushes around your home to form a natural cooling barrier which lowers your air conditioning costs. Trees, shrubs and other vegetation help shield your home from the sun’s powerful rays. Use nature to save on cooling bills.

Since the majority of heat inside homes travels through the roof or windows you can prevent the sun’s rays from heating up your home by using vegetation to your advantage. Don’t forget that providing shade for your air conditioner can boost your energy efficiency too. Plant bushes and trees by your central air unit to save money.

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