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6 Great Ways To Use Mirrors

When re-designing the interior of your house mirrors can be your best friend, and when placed correctly can enhance the existing features of any room.  Mirrors are versatile and they can boost the amount of light within a room, improve views, open up small spaces and add the finishing touch to your décor ideas. Here are some great ways that mirrors can be used to improve your interior design ideas!

  • A Decorative mirror over the bed. When decorating a bedroom, it can be difficult to find something to fill a big, black space above a bed. A decorative mirror, such as one with an ornate frame or a sunburst design will add an element of interest to the room whilst also adding to the feeling of space and light.
  • Mirrors in an entryway. A favourite trick of interior designers, placing a mirror in an entryway is guaranteed to increase the amount of light and improve the general ambience of these usually small and dark spaces. Complement your mirror with other decorative items such as candles, picture frames and lamps to achieve a relaxing, welcoming environment.
  • Reflecting garden views.  Using a mirror in the garden is a different way of bringing the outdoors inside. Place a large mirror opposite a window or glass door that leads to a garden and the scenery will be reflected. Placing potted plants and flowers around the mirror will also enrich the effect.
  • As functional space fillers. For small alcoves or awkwardly shaped spaces it can be hard to find the right item to fill the space without it looking overcrowded and ill-placed. A mirror however will expand the space whilst simultaneously provided that much needed decorative element. Long, stretched mirrors with a simple frame are often best used in these situations.
  • To brighten up a small kitchen.  Kitchens are often the central point for many homes but if you have a small, dark kitchen this can become an issue. Using mirrors placed above sinks and opposite windows to reflect light can create a sense of space within the kitchen, helping you to achieve a much better ambience in which to enjoy the room.  
  • As a focal point. A well-finished mirror can easily be used to create a focal point in any room. Try using a large mirror with an ornate frame to add oomph to your décor.