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6 Must-Know Facts to Know Before You Adopt Standard Poodles

6 Must-Know Facts to Know Before You Adopt Standard Poodles

Out of several breeds of dogs, poodles are one of the most sought after by pet owners owing to their cuteness. These dogs prove as the best family pets and the most endearing thing about them is their joyful and bubbly nature. Owning a standard poodle can prove a daunting task. It requires a lot of time to take care of poodles. Besides this, it is very important to provide it with right amount of nutrition, proper training and healthy exercises to keep them in shape all the times.

6 Must-Know Facts to Know Before You Adopt Standard Poodles

Here are some must know facts about standard poodle puppies, before you decide to adopt them:

  1. ActivityThe standard poodle needs a lot of exercise to stay active and does its best in a suburban dwelling rather in an urban dwelling. It often goes back to its original purpose as water retriever and skilfully competes in trials.

  2. Temperament The sensitive and lively poodle puppies bonds closely with family members and proves as an excellent companion. Among other types of popular breeds in the world, the standard poodle is a smart and obedient dog. This type of breed is very calm in nature and easily gets along with other dogs, pets and children.

  3. Care To care for poodle is require a great deal of grooming to stay in the best shape. It is very important to carry out their professional clipping once in every 6-8 weeks. Their coats can be carried out in three main styles which are Pet clip, English saddle, Continental clip & English saddle. This should be done only when required and that too by making use of a mild shampoo.

  4. Coat Standard poodles usually have a dense and harsh coat, either corded or curly. It comes in various colours such as cream, black, red, white, apricot, etc.

  5. CharacterStandard poodles usually have dainty and demur look. A good thing about them is that they have a lot of stamina along with great skills which usually include agility, heredity, hunting and agility. Besides from being a graceful show dog, this type of breed also proves as a great athletic competitor.

  6. Training They are highly trainable dogs and it is recommended to train them right at their early stage. By training them at an early stage will make sure that pet owners are able to teach skills which are best needed to fit the lifestyle of these poodle puppies and also provide mental stimulation which is very essential for their proper growth and development. It has been observed that even if in case the owners do not purposely teach these poodles, they will themselves pick up the behaviour and routine.

The above mentioned important facts make you aware of everything related to standard poodles, before you decide to adopt them. A good thing about these facts is that it gives a fair idea to pet owners about how to deal and manage standard poodles in the best way.