A New and Trusted Way To Reduce Your Fat

You often feel you have put on a lot of weight and need to cut down few pounds. You try many methods like running, sweating it out in gym and even changing your diet; but none of the above seems to help. There is a new agent that will help you lose that extra fat from your body, it is known as Yacon syrup. This syrup is slowly gaining popularity as it has shown a lot of positive and desirable effects on the consumer. The best quality of this syrup is that unlike other Ayurveda and homeopathic tonics and syrups, this syrup is very sweet to taste. It taste similar to molasses and studies have shown that regular consumption of this syrup will lead to weight loss, considerable reduction of the circumference of waist and other benefits etc.

Know how this Weight Loss Syrup is Prepared

The syrup is available from the Yacon Plant which is mostly found in South America on the popular Andes Mountain. The roots of these plants resemble very much to sweet potatoes. This making process of this syrup is same as Maple syrup. The juices are extracted from the tuberous roots of these plants. The tuberous roots of Yacon plant resemble a sweet potato. These juices are then filtered and evaporated. This is a natural no-chemical manufacturing process. Thus, a thick and dark collared syrup is formed which is known as Yacon syrup.

Get to Know the Contents of Yacon

Known as the root extracts of Yacon, this syrup has many useful ingredients. The most useful and important ingredient is Fructooligosacharides, also commonly known as FOS. Yacon consists of around 50% of FOS and it is the best dietary source for the same. The molecules of FOS expand when it comes in contact with the gastric fluids in the stomach, thus giving your brain a signal that your stomach is full and reducing your hunger. Along with suppressing your appetite, FOS helps increase your metabolism rate, thus helping you burn calories faster. Though Yacon is a sweetening product, other important content is insulin which is present in adequate quantity in this product. This helps to maintain the sugar levels in the blood and thus control diabetes in patients.

Know the Functionality and Numerous other benefits of this Syrup Here

The most important function of this syrup is that it helps in increasing the metabolism of the body, burning your calories at a much faster rate and thus effecting weight loss and inch loss. Another important function is that yacon syrup helps reduce diabetes. Apart from these, the main benefit of using this syrup is that it helps re-condition the body and allow body to accept nutrients and do not from fat. It also has the ability to lower the bad cholesterol in blood and as a reason this syrup is extensively used by people suffering from high cholesterol and other heart related disorders. It is used by older people and people suffering from weak bones as regular use of Yacon helps increase bone density and makes your bones stronger. Despite reducing body weight, Yacon syrup helps in improving the immune system helps in improving the immune system of the body and prevents the body from many diseases and health complications.

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