A Quick Guide On How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay

When it comes to writing an essay assignment, most of the students consider it to be the easiest task to do. But when they actually start writing it, they realize how tricky it can be sometimes. While there are many kinds of essay assignments according to the nature of topic and content, the compare and contrast essay assignment can become the most difficult one if the student does not have a clear understanding about how to write it. To be honest, it is difficult to the extent that many students, even high-scorers, have to resort to ‘buy assignment via online to get over with this hectic job as soon as possible.

Anyway, if you have been assigned an essay that is of compare and contrast in nature, do not just start writing it right away until you have developed a clear understanding about the purpose of such an essay. Following is a step-by-step guide that you can follow for writing an outstanding compare and contrast essay assignment:

An Introduction

First of all, you need to tell your readers about the topics that you are going to compare in your essay. Write an introductory paragraph that can do justice with both the subjects in terms of their definition. Define the subjects and ideas briefly along with the essence of matter that you are going to discuss in the body of your essay.

There are a few basic elements of an introduction that you should address while writing one. These elements include:

  • Description of subject matter
  • Inclusion of background information
  • Following the specific format that you have been assigned
  • Keeping it short and brief

The Thesis Statement

The purpose of a thesis statement includes two elements:

  • The basic similarity or difference between two subjects
  • Why there is a need for comparison

Your thesis statement should be able to clarify the purpose of your essay in the mind of the readers. Most of the times, the thesis statement alone can attract or repel the readers away from your essay. You need to choose your words wisely, make a draft and only write the sentence that according you can completely do justice with the purpose of a thesis statement.

Organize Your Essay

Once you are done with your introduction and thesis, move forward to write the body of your essay. It is very important to plan before you start writing that how you are going to organize your essay. The format should be relevant to the guidelines and understandable for the readers on general terms.

There are basically two methods of writing the body of a compare and contrast essay. You can consider any one of the following depending upon the guidelines and nature of your topic.

Method 1

Write an introduction and thesis statement for your essay and then follow the given guidelines:

  • Dedicate a portion (one or several paragraphs) to explanation of your first subject. Describe all its aspects, its application and importance along with references and definitions. After explaining your first subject, dedicate the next portion of your essay to the second subject.
  • Explain all the similarities and differences between the two subjects altogether in the subsequent portion or your essay.
  • End it with a meaningful conclusion.

Method 2

Provide your readers with the basic definitions and explanation of subjects in the introduction of your essay. Open your introduction generally and then lead it to a thesis statement.

  • In first portion of the body of your essay, write about all the similarities between your subjects. Provide your readers with at least 3 similarities so that your readers can get a fair idea about focal point of your essay and also give relevant examples with each similarity. It is also important to dedicate at least one paragraph for each similarity.
  • In the second portion, which can also consist of several paragraphs, write about the differences between both subjects along with examples.
  • Wrap everything up with repeating your purpose of essay that you wrote in thesis statement in a brief paragraph.

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