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A Quick Travel Guide To The ‘Scotland Of The East’

A Quick Travel Guide To The ‘Scotland Of The East’

The second largest city in the state of Maharashtra, Pune is home to some amazing places to explore. The city has pleasant climate throughout the year and an equally pleasant and cordial people to gel with and plethora of amazing activities to take a dig at. If you’ve already explored the city of Mumbai and want to see a different face of Maharashtra, this is where you need head to. With this small travel guide plan up an exciting itinerary to the city of Pune!

Erstwhile known as Poona, this city today is a growing metropolitan and can easily be compared to the likes of Bangalore with a pleasant climate to enjoy and people to interact with. in the recent years the city has rightfully earned its name as a fantastic city to go on solo trips. If you belong to any of the neighboring cities and want to enjoy an amazing time in the city of Pune, you can easily find Bangalore or Chennai to Pune flights. The city lies at the end notes of the Western Ghats, right where it splits up into Khandala and Lonavala, thus, it enjoys a great opportunity to explore the two regions on any given weekend. Pune also enjoy a beautiful location lying at the convergence of Mutha and Mula rivers in the Deccan region.

Historically Pune is one of the important centres of administration during the rule of Marathas and Peshwas. The kingdom of Shivaji proclaimed in the region during the 850 AD era, which included several smaller regions like the Konkan and had borders right to the eastern coasts of the country. As a result of this you’d see a huge cultural influence bearing the colors of Maratha Empire. The English, Dutch and the Portuguese were other foreign settlers who tried to established a foothold in the region. Out of the three only the English could manage to rule not just the region but the entire country. Due to the foreign influence you can find several monuments showcasing Victorian architecture in Mumbai, Pune and other major cities.

A Quick Travel Guide To The ‘Scotland Of The East’

Today, the city showcases multitude of modernity, be it in terms of culture, art forms, food scenario or even music. The city is also as the ‘Scotland of the East’, owing to a large number of educational institutes and colleges. From the famous Symbiosis University to Laxmibai College, you’d find all sorts of education institutions. May be due to this factor the city enjoys an amalgamation of people from all parts of the country. Out of the several tourist attractions to enjoy in the city, the Agha Khan Palace, Osho Commune International, National War Musuem, Saras Garden, and Tulsi Garden are amongst the most popular ones. The city is also a major hub of commerce and trade with several manufacturing units of glass and sugar, car assembling plants and IT parks established in its outskirts. Pune is a beautiful city known as the ‘Cultural Capital of Maharashtra’ which encompasses a plethora of cultural activities such as classical paintings, music, spiritual centers, theatrics, sports and literature, and is a must visit for you.

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