Red Sea Liveaboard

Situated in Marsa Allam, Port Ghalib is a waterfront resort community that features over 32 million square meters of golf courses, attractions, restaurants, property and much more, all situated on 18 kms of virgin coastline. Getting to Port Ghalib by sea or air is easy – the resort is situated only 5 minutes from Port… Continue reading Red Sea Liveaboard

52 “Child Fighter” Of IS (Islamic States) Died

In this current year,  in the collision between the Islamic State and some other powerful nations, about 52 child fighter died, and it is declared by the Britain based Syrian Observatory  For Human Rights.  This watcher organization had demanded that the children, who joined in IS in order to “Save Islam “mission, used to get… Continue reading 52 “Child Fighter” Of IS (Islamic States) Died

5 Best Dog Training Tips

Do you have a lovely and beautiful dog? Is your dog a bit aggressive, ruthless and brutal? Do you want to train your puppy properly? Below are given a few valuable tips and tricks for your dog training: Tip#1) Show your puppy that you are the pack leader It is true to say that dogs… Continue reading 5 Best Dog Training Tips

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