Bachelor Pad Designs For The Modern Man

A bachelor pad is a space for an unattached man to make his own, according to his unique individual taste. That means no sharing, no taking into account a partner’s needs and desires, no compromising – just a home that can be adapted entirely to his own palate. Consider a few hints and suggestions when designing a bachelor pad so that you end up with a living space that is practical, stylish, and the envy of all your married friends.

Ideally, opt for a minimalist design for a bachelor pad. This means easy-to-clean flooring such as linoleum, wood, tiles, stone or concrete, and neutral colors for the walls. By creating a simple, streamlined décor, you will be laying the foundation for a home that is easy to keep clean and fresh with the minimum amount of work, and a blank canvas to add your own touches. Opt for furniture that is functional and easy to clean and maintain – such as leather sofas and a quality dining table – and accent with bold colors, such as crimson cushions, a bold pendant light, and some greenery or small trees if you have the space. For windows, consider blinds instead of curtains for a more sophisticated look.

You can really make your bachelor pad yours by adding the things that are important to you, and some items that reflect your interests and personality. If your bicycle is your prize possession, you could store or mount it in your main living area; or dedicate an area of your living space to your home gym or weights. You could adapt an area for a pool table, a homecinema-style TV screen, a bar, or a sound system to enjoy your music. Add a touch of class to a lounge by including a classic swivel chair and footstool.

In the kitchen, you can have all the gadgets you want (or none at all), and a built-in wine or beer fridge – or perhaps you are a coffee drinker and would rather have an espresso machine or coffee grinder. Your bedroom does not need storage for anyone else’s clothes or shoes except your own, and your bathroom can be as masculine as you like. Again, a minimalist look will be more hygienic and easy to keep clean and fresh, and cotton bedding that can be tumble dried will be easier to maintain. Décor can be whatever you like – sports memorabilia and art looks stylish.Dedicate a room or space to a gaming station complete with gaming chair, or create a svelte office space for your computer. Get some quirky charging stations and cable storage solutions from online stores.

A bachelor pad is a space for a man to be single and happy, and interior design is a great way to add his personalityto his home. Unless you really enjoy housework, go for a minimalist design with some good quality furniture, and then add a splash of your own uniqueness. The result will be a place that friends with partners will envy, and above all a home where you can relish your single status, suited entirely to your own taste.

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