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Beautifying Your House: 3 Effective Ways To Boost Curb Appeal

If you plan on selling your home anytime soon, it is a good idea to give some thought to making it more buyer-friendly. Competition is stiff, and first impressions are everything. What your home looks like on the outside will set the tone for how potential occupants will regard their tour through it. And, as a bonus, boosting curb appeal can also boost value. Here are just a few helpful hints to get things looking shinier and prettier on the outside.

Give Everything a Good Cleaning

Did you know simply giving a nice, thorough cleaning to your home’s exterior can add anywhere from 10 to 15,000 dollars to the sale price? Not bad for something so simple. After all these years, lots of grime, mildew and other yuck has built up gradually, and you probably don’t even notice how bad it is.

So, before you start with flowers or other projects, give everything a good scrub down. Consider renting a power-washer, and before you know it, your driveway, walkway and siding will be gleaming. You’ll be shocked at the difference.  If you really don’t have the time, or the inclination, a professional cleaning crew can have it done in a couple of days.

If a good cleaning is not sufficient to make your siding look nice and new again, you might want to consider hiring a contractor for new siding. This isn’t just one mere element of your house, it IS your house as far as the outside is concerned.  New siding can completely transform it.

Get a Nice New Front Door

The door is one of the main focal points of the home’s exterior, and simply getting a new one can enhance the outside of our house as a whole.  One study by a door manufacturer found a new door increased the perceived value of a 190,000 home by a whopping 8,000 dollars. Not bad for such a seemingly small fix.  In addition to aesthetics, consider a door with enhanced energy efficiency. More and more buyers are interested in the ‘green’ factor and can be a big advantage for a seller.

If a new door is not in the budget, at the very least, spruce up your current one with a good cleaning, some new paint or perhaps a new handle and lock set.

Don’t Neglect Your Landscaping

The importance of your landscaping in boosting curb appeal cannot be understated. And have no fear, this doesn’t mean you must get a magazine-worthy yard and hire a full-time gardener. You just want to focus on things looking neat and well-maintained. Get some splashes of color with some beautiful flowers in the front yard. Have some attractive, lush bushes put in. Keep the lawn mowed regularly and overgrowth in check. Get a nice bench or fountain for the garden area. Just small touches and a commitment to a neat space can go a long way in making your home look more attractive to potential buyers.

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