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Benefits Of Deploying Golden Gate

Now, for business continuity to function, businesses must be constantly available to their customers and always have a sound disaster management plan in place. The Golden Gate by Oracle makes this possible by providing highly effective and scalable disaster tolerance and high availability solutions.

Features of Golden Gate

The features of Golden Gate include:

  • It effectively provides real-time data integration with high scalability at minimal overhead.
  • Applications critical to businesses such as online shopping, online banking, ticket booking, etc. can continue smoothly without hurdles.
  • It also facilitates real-time movement of data between heterogeneous and similar targets and sources.
  • It enables system upgrades with zero downtime, real-time Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, migration of data between heterogeneous services, O/S platforms and databases and prompt disaster recovery, multidirectional data sync for multiple distributed systems.

Databases and O/S that Golden Gate Supports


Operating Systems

Oracle Database



HP Nonstop




RedHat AS

Microsoft SQL Server





Oracle Linux



 Advantages of Oracle Golden Gate

  • Superior performance: It allows for effective movement of data with sub-secondary latency. Impact of performance on source network and system is reduced considerably due to selective capturing of data, mostly arising from transactional logs.
  • Reliability: The integrity of transactions is maintained throughout the transfer of data by deploying the checkpoint mechanism. In case of any interruptions or outages in between, the transfer is resumed from the last checkpoint the data reached. This ensures the data integrity, which is a critical factor for every business, remains intact.
  • Others: Effectively balances load between different database environments. It also provides for data protection, data recovery, data distributions, operational reporting and query offloading.

The sheer ability of Golden Gate to support a wide range of databases and operating systems while keeping the data integrity intact makes it the best solution that organizations can call for when it concerns business continuity. Businesses may also consider getting their employees to sign up for Oracle 11g RAC training to effectively deploy and manage Golden Gate for optimum results. Come what may, you can rest assured that your business will continue to perform its most critical functions with Golden Gate in place.

  • Versatile compatibility: Golden Gate supports a wide number of Operating Systems and Databases. It can also be deployed both bi-directionally and uni-directionally through multiple topologies. Further data can also be moved between both homogeneous and heterogeneous systems.

What are your thoughts on Oracle Golden Gate business solutions? Do let us know your thoughts and takes in the comments below.


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