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Best Gag Gifts For Women

Best Gag Gifts For Women

Everyone loves to receive gifts and when there is little humor involved it works as an icing on the cake. After all who does not like a little humor in their lives? So, why not think out of the box and plan a practical joke or a gag to someone you love. Everyone enjoys a hearty laugh and these gag gift ideas are the best way to do so. A gag is a gift given to someone with the intention of pranks, for which we expect laughter in return. A prank device is a manufactured prop to confuse, frighten individuals as a prank. In the market there are many types of prank devices available such as body part, horror devices, animals, everyday objects, etc. And these gifts are normally inexpensive.

Motive to Present Gag Gift:

While looking for gag gift ideas for someone we should keep the occasion in mind, it should not feel embarrassing to that person whom we are presenting these gifts. As our intention to present these gifts is to cheer our friend and bring some moment of laughter to their life.

  • Mop slippers: If some is too lazy then you could gift her, these mop slippers. These slippers will clean all the mess from floor. These slippers will clean even the most unused area as you through the area. Get a pair for someone you love that doesn’t make cleaning house a top priority. As these slippers are attached with the dusting cloth at the bottom.
  • Soot soap: This soap will look like an ordinary soap but when rubbed, our hands turn black. The more you wash your face the blacker you get. It would be the funniest gift.
  • Bitter candy: Bitter candy will be a good prank to your friends. As it looks same as other sweet candy but its taste is too sour or may be having a taste of garlic.
  • Toilet bowl lip gloss: Toilet Bowl Lip Gloss is fruit flavored lip gloss tastefully packed in a little, plastic toilet seat shaped bowl.
  • Foaming sugar cubes: These sugar cubes when u put in hot tea it will be foaming out continuously for few seconds like a mini volcano.
  • Snake nut can: This can look like a can of nuts, it contains spring snake inside. It could be a very scary prank to your friend.
  • Stink perfume: Girls generally like to smell good always and are very fond of perfumes. So you can gift them stinky perfume which looks like other perfume but smell like ass.
  • Stink bomb: The stink bombs come with the three bottles with different smell. As someone broke this stink bomb soon the air will be filled with its bad smell. And the smell is very notorious that you can’t smell it.
  • World’s Largest Diamond: Don’t get scared by the heading. It’s just a gag. Though looks very original but its gag gift you can give to someone who is very fond of jewelry.
  • World’s Easiest Diet Kit: Every woman wants to be in good shape and wants to maintain a good figure. World’s easiest diet kit is the best gag gift to a woman who is overly conscious about her figure. This kit includes a spoon with a big hole in it and fork without any tips and the person will not be able to eat with it.

These are some of the prank devices that we can gift our friends. So make a day memorable and bring laughter to your friends and family life with gag gift ideas.

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