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Wood Burning Stove London

Burning Bright: Running Your Wood Burning Stove Efficiently

There are a lot of wood burning stoves in London these days. If you own one of them then it’s advisable to make sure yours is operated properly.

If your stove is not burning fully then gasses from the fire can cool down before they’ve exited the flue. This can cause condensation to appear on the inside of the stove and will corrode and rust the appliance if left.

Additionally, inefficient burning can cause liquid tar to appear in the stove. This indicates that hard tar and creosote deposits are also forming in the chimney, which can cause blockages and pose a chimney fire risk.

To avoid this always make sure your stove is burning efficiently. There are various things you can do to improve wood burning stove. Efficient stoves not only stay better maintained but also save you money.

Wood Burning Stove Efficiency Tips

Burning Bright: Running Your Wood Burning Stove Efficiently

Burn seasoned wood. Wood for fuel should always have been left to dry for at least a year. This is because it burns hotter and for longer, and will not produce the tar that ‘green’ wood does. Kindling a fire with small pieces of dry wood will also get the stove hot enough to burn the logs efficiently.

Pick woods that burn better – ash birch, beech and hawthorn make for good fuel, for example.

Have the vents open and ventilate the stove to help get the fire going, then close the primary vent once the fire is up to encourage the logs to burn longer.

The chimney should be regularly swept to ensure that it is clear. This is important for drawing air up the flue properly to exhaust the flue gases. The circulation also allows the stove to burn hotter and more efficiently.

The overall efficiency of heating your home by stove will be improved if you can burn free wood. There are various sources, both urban and country, for free wood (think bits of fallen tree, carpentry firms’ offcuts…). You should also make sure your home is as well insulated as possible, to retain all the heat your stove is producing.