Buy Temporary Tattoos Online

Temporary tattoos can be a great way to express you without making a big commitment, or even a way to test out designs and locations for a future permanent tattoo. They’re certainly a step above having a friend draw on you with markers! Though you may still think of temporary tattoos as part of your childhood, the fact is that they have advanced significantly in the past few years. Temporary tattoos can now look more vivid, last longer, and feel better than ever before. Try some out for a costume, a party, a holiday, or just for fun.

Temporary tattoos can completely change your look, or simply add a little pop of color wherever you want it. They can be handed out as party favors or used to scare your parents! Tattoos can take a costume or cosplay to the next level of authenticity- you’d hate for all the work you put into making the costume to go to waste because you’re missing a character’s signature tattoo or markings, wouldn’t you? They can even help keep a child safe if they become separated from their families. Before a day out at an amusement park or other busy, crowded location, apply a gentle, waterproof temporary tattoo to the child’s hand or arm that lists the child’s name, the parents name, and contact numbers. This way, if you are separated, anyone who finds the child will be able to call you right away to be reunited. Temporary tattoos may also help to keep adults and children safe by listing allergies or medications in a location where paramedics can see it in case of a health emergency.

In addition to all this, temporary tattoos can also be used in a number of craft applications. Try applying them to balloons, electronics, or even dinnerware. They can also liven up bath time with kids or stand in as a less messy way to decorate Easter eggs. You could use them on pumpkins for Halloween, tea light holders for festive party decorations, or even on a banana peel for a fun lunchtime surprise. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!

You can buy temporary tattoos online from several companies offering to print temporary tattoos. At many of these websites, customers can choose from an array of popular designs or even submit their own custom design. You can choose colors, fonts, and every aspect of the tattoo to really make the design your own. At some places, this extra customization may come at an extra cost, but many offer it as a complimentary service. There are many perks companies may use to convince you to buy from them in particular, but the most important factor is to ensure that their tattoos conform to all FDA regulations for products designed for dermal contact, especially if you’ll be using them on children. You won’t be the most popular parent on the block if you send kids home from a birthday party with rashes and hives! Buy from a well-reputed company that you trust.

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