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Can A Chiropractor Help A Pinched Nerve?

One of the most important control centres in the body is the nervous system. The nerves send out vital messages throughout your body and extend from your brain and spinal cord. A pinched nerve stops this flow of information and can be very painful. They are not something that you should ignore and are very important. A pinched nerve has the same effect as a pinch or kink in a water hose. It stops the flow of water just as much as a pinched nerve stops the flow of important information. A pinched nerve can be minor or severe and can cause temporary or long term problems. The earlier that you get a pinched nerve addressed and dealt with the quicker you’ll find relief and minimize the long term damage that can occur. The longer that a pinched nerve remains pinched the more likely it is to lose its healthy ability to transmit messages up and down the body. Chiropractors can be helpful in relieving this pain.

Chiropractors can perform a very detailed consultation and examination of your body so that they can locate the source of your pain. After asking a series of questions about your condition they can then perform various physical and neurological exams. During the physical exam the doctor will observe your posture, range of motion, and physical condition. There they will be able to see where you are having trouble moving and what is causing that pain. The doctor can also check your spin and make note of the curvature and alignment. A neurological exam allows the doctor to test out your reflexes, muscle strength, and sensory testing and if they deem it necessary they can take a series of x-rays and/or computerized muscle tests. This full body examination allows the doctor to better understand your body and where the pain is coming from. They can then develop a plan for how to treat the pain and give you a rough outline of how long it will take. Chiropractors specialize and have lots of experience when it comes to correcting misalignment that can cause pinched nerves.

If you are in the Nanaimo area and are experiencing pain due to pinched nerves give Harbour City Chiropractic a call and make an appointment to alleviate yourself of that pain.

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