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Common Myths About Bedbugs

Bug bombs, or defoggers, release pesticides into the air to kill any bugs that may be residing in the area. Most do contain a substance that is used to treat bed bugs, leading many to see this as an effective way to treat the problem yourself. But, it is not really the best way to go about it. Most bugs, including bed bugs will flee when the ‘bomb’ is set off, burrowing themselves in areas of the home that are deep and inaccessible. Second, successfully getting rid of bed bugs means applying treatment directly to all the places they are found, such as inside the mattress or behind the molding.

You Have to Throw Away Your Mattress, Couch and Other Upholstered Items

This is not exactly a myth, but not exactly true either. It is not always absolutely necessary to chuck all your furniture. In some cases, such as having a mattress that is separated at the seams, or torn, you may need to get rid of it as the bedbugs have likely set up quite the home for themselves. If you plan on having the home fumigated completely, furniture usually can be saved. A good cleaning and targeted treatments by the exterminator are also helpful for salvaging furniture.

Adjusting the Temperature in Your Home Can Kill Bed Bugs

This is one of the most common myths about bedbugs because it is true that bedbugs can’t survive extreme heat and cold. But, simply adjusting the temperature in your home is not sufficient. On the heating side of things, your whole home would have to be evenly heated to 120 degrees for more than an hour. That means places like the inside of your furniture. While on the subject, do not attempt to use portable heat sources to attack bed bugs in the bedroom—you can start a deadly fire.

To kill bedbugs with cold, you would need to rapidly drop the temperature of your entire house to below freezing temperatures, and keep it there for an entire month.

If a Product Says it Will Kill Bedbugs, It Means It Will Work

We tend to be pretty trusting when it comes to products—there is the assumption that if a claim is being made, it must have been shown to work or has some solid reasoning behind it. But, this is not the case when it comes to the variety of bed bug products out there. If it is not considered a pesticide, the manufacturer does not have to register it with the E.P.A. And if it is not registered with this organization, it is not required to have any sort of proof behind its claims to be able to kill bedbugs.

This does not mean the product will automatically not work, it very well may. But, before you go around buying any product that claims to kill bedbugs, do a bit of research to see if it there is any meat behind these statements.

All You Need is a Good Pesticide

While the right pesticide is usually a primary ingredient in successfully squashing an infestation, there is a lot more that will probably need to be done. Bedbugs typically take up residence in various areas, so thorough cleaning of the home, washing anything washable in hot water, vacuuming and perhaps even steam cleaning, may be necessary.

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