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Creating The List Of Warehouse Items For Inventory Management

The most affordable inventory management solution in the market offers a variety of plans to suit everybody’s budget. The company even provides a demo which can help the user understand which plan is suitable for the business. After running the free demo version, any user can understand what features are required for the application that can help to do the inventory management job satisfactorily. The user is allowed to download the demo version to the company’s computer that is designated as the server with the other computers designated as clients.

Using the solution

After downloading and installing the application you have to change the settings as per you requirement. All the information about changing the settings and how to use the programs of the application are given in an instruction manual. You can download the instruction manual from the site itself. After the settings are changed, you can start working and create warehouses and the documents that go with each warehouse. Before you can create the documents, you have to define the warehouse items and give each item a description to identify it from others.

Defining the items

You have to create an item list for the items to be kept in the warehouse. To do this, click on the “Items” option in the Main menu. Select the “Items List” which will open the window for the list of warehouse items to be created. The list consists of headings like “Name”, “Barcode”, “Group”, “Stock Level”, “Unit” and others that you can fill up with details. The activity tool bar will help you to create this list.