Dalhousie, A Small Town Where Life Is Very Simple and People Are Just Lovely

Going to Dalhousie indeed leaves your spirits lifted. Its various sacred spots, old houses with Scottish and Victorian architectures, and untouched nature take its visitors on a nostalgic trip to the old days when the life was not hurried, and when people had the time to take relaxing long walks around the forested ranges and the including regions, lovely mountain summits and in the midst of the quiet greenery of Dalhousie.

Heading off to a far off hill station and staying there in the midst of delightful surroundings is a lifetime experience for everyone. Himachal Pradesh, a home of lovely people, is referred to as Dev Bhoomi according to Vedas and distinctively noted for its widely popular hill stations. It is a wonderful state settled in the lap of the Himalayas. Nestled within the wide arms of tough Himalaya, Himachal Pradesh houses unquestionably the most appealing hill stations in the nation. The state gloats of get-aways of different natures, and consequently attracts great attention of an extraordinary number of travelers from all parts of the world.

Suitably set in the majestic Dhauladhar Mountains in the Chamba area of the state, the delightful little hill station of Dalhousie has plethora of natural heritage as well as culture. It is particularly perceived for its exceptionally respected temples, a charming weather all around a year, and the simple-minded locals for whom material possession is nothing else than earthy desire.

The best thing about Dalhousie is that irrespective of all the modernizations that have recently surfaced in the region, it has exceptionally held its old-world charm. As Christianity appeared in Himachal Pradesh, after the arrival of the British, different churches and cathedrals were built in the diverse locales of the state. Indeed, even today, when a significant amount of time has as of now gone after the British left, these old structures still keep on safeguarding the legacy, religious practices, and culture of the British. Needless to say, Dalhousie is a mix of nature’s greenery and the essence of Victorian time.

There are a couple getaway destinations in Dalhousie. Khajjiar, a delightful valley, is a highly cherished tourist spot among voyagers. Gandhi Chowk, Panchkula, Kalalope, Subhash Baoli, and of course Khajjiar are simply worth passing by. In like manner take some time out and visit Barapathar. It is stunning and home to highly revered temples in the midst of woods. The old temples of the town have their own specific immensity. It is for these revered Hindu temples that the place is particularly acclaimed and loved. Bhuvani Mata temple is amongst the most revered ones while you are here make sure that you lean against the residing deity and get her blessings.

The churches in Dalhousie are great attraction pullers and needless to say form significant parts of the hill town, not just for their religious significance, but also for their historical importance. Additionally, for people searching for some adventure and open air, Subhash Balie is praised for the astonishing views that it offers to the visitors. Plus, Kalliope is an untamed wildlife reserve and colossally prestigious for being home to the Himalayan Black Deer. Besides, Pathankot is an astounding spot in the neighborhood of Dalhousie and creates massive enthusiasm amongst sightseers. You can visit the quaint town while you are on a Dalhousie visit. There is a simple accessibility of Pathankot to Dalhousie taxi and the other way around.

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