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Different Test For Different STDs

Any tests conducted to detect any STD could either be conducted anonymously or confidentially depending on your need. Testing for STD may include various tests depending on the symptoms or the specific type of sexually transmitted disease. Yu may be diagnosed physically based on your symptoms or further tested where you have to wait for the results. Physical examination involves examining all the signs of infections like rashes, vagina discharge, sores and warts physically.

Detecting any sexually transmitted disease by getting tested is never complicated. Other tests may include a urine test for Chlamydia and gonorrhea. Blood test for syphilis, HIV and Herpes. The vaginal discharge may also be sent for analysis for Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes and HIV.

Some of the common tests that can be used to detect the specific kind of sexually transmitted diseases differ from one another. ELISA (Enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay), Western Blotting and PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) is the common tests for HIV. ELISA gives immediate results as ready-made test kits are available. Rapid Plasma Reagin Test (PRP test) is a test for syphilis that gives results in a few minutes. HSV IgM Test and HSV IgG Test are used for testing for a herpes infection where the IgG and IgM immunoglobulin’s are analyzed. HCV antibody test and Hepatitis B surface antigen test is an ideal test for Hepatitis infection. Gonorrhea nucleic acid amplification test or Chlamydia nucleic acid amplification technology and cervical samples are analyzed for testing for Chlamydia or gonorrhea STD. Walk in the Dallas STD testing centers to know more about the diseases and how you can be tested in order to gain an understanding if you have encountered it or not. An early detection is always better!

Sample Collection and Type of Sample

Urine sample or swab of the genital area is the sample for Chlamydia and also for gonorrhea infection. Blood test and a swab from the inside of your mouth is taken for HIV testing. Blood test is recommended for genital herpes with no symptoms where the type specific IgG test is conducted. In case if symptoms are noticed for genital herpes then a swab from the affected genital area is analyzed by culturing it. Swab and blood test both can be done for testing for syphilis where blood test is often recommended. For human papilloma virus in case of genital warts physical examination is recommended for both men and women. In case of cervical cancer caused by the human papilloma virus Pap smear or test is recommended in females.

When the tests and examination are so simple there is no need for any person who has the fear of infection to shy away or hide and never get her doubts cleared regarding sexually transmitted diseases. Thus awareness and immediate action is always necessary.

An Insight into the Reports

First thing one need to know over here is that almost all kinds of STD are curable to a certain extent. If they are caught in the first stage, some of them can be cured completely with the exception of AIDS. Secondly, the tests at the Dallas STD testing centers are easy and there is nothing to fear about them. They are cost effective too, as Government supports the initiative of getting tested. Thirdly, if one is discovered with a disease; then his/her identity is kept secret till the treatment is over.

Reports are generally given a time span or one or two weeks. This because these kind of test culture samples is taken which take 7 – 15 days to grow and show the presence of abnormal cells. You can even take the reports of phone.

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