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Different Type Of Lamb Dishes

Lamb is one of those meats that are enjoyed by almost everyone owing to the large amount of soft, delicious meat that one is able to procure from it. The meat of the lamb is excellent and succulent, and those who love to travel must know of some of the best lamb dishes that one will be able to get all over India. Once you are able to taste lamb, why not try cooking it at the sanctum of your own home?

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  1. Lamb Korma:

Lamb Korma is one of those dishes that are excellent to consume if someone is looking to find an accompaniment to naan or chapathi or any other flat bread. It is a spicy gravy dish that has a lot of vegetables and is excellent to serve to guests or on any other special event. The lamb meat is cooked in the gravy only and it is soft and juicy. After marinating the chicken, you can cook it with spices and vegetable and serve it up hot and tasty,

  1. AchaariKeema:

Another dish that is brilliant with lamb is the AchaariKeema that has a lot of minced lamb meat. After marinating it, one can add spices and then finish it up with some juicy stock. This type of dish is best had with a roll or sometimes even with rice. You can try it out in your own home by ordering Halal meat online with the help of Licious.

  1. Lamb Kebab:

Probably one of the best ways to have lamb is in a kebab form, where the juicy, tender, boneless pieces of lamb meat are marinated with curd and spices before skewered and cooked in a flame or closed over known as Tandoor. Lamb kebabs are excellent as a starter dish and they are world famous. With the help of an online meat ordering App, you can also have your very own kebab right at home with Licious.

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