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El Calafate Perito Moreno Glacier Patagonia Argentina

El Calafate is located in Argentina, is located within the Province of Santa Cruz at the foot of Mount Calafate is a small, picturesque tourist village.

With its proximity to stunning Glacier National Park, 80 kilometers, known as the NationalCapital of the Glaciers.

It is the nearest town to visit Glacier National Park and its famous Perito Moreno Glacier,declared Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

El Calafate International Airport is located 23 kilometers from the city center and the town itselfis now a global destination. Part of the Patagonian steppe, El Calafate is an important touristcenter that has gained national and international importance in recent years. His luxurious hotels and local restaurants have managed to position the city as one of the world destinationsthat must be seen.

The Perito Moreno Glacier is an asset. It is one of the few in the world and the only one inPatagonia progresses, unlike others such as Upsala, which are in the process of extinction.


This advance, about 100 meters per year, generates another shocking phenomenon of beauty:the breaking of the dam that forms in the Rico arm of Lago Argentino, as the advancing glacier,playing opposite coast and is the dam that interrupts the flow of water. Then water seepsunder the glacier and begins to undermine his base.
In 1917 occurred the first break. The process was repeated several times, at regular intervalshave even raised fears for the disappearance of so prodigious spectacle.

The Los Glaciares National Park covers an area close to 500,000 hectares of this greaticefield surface 47 glaciers.

In El Calafate, there are hiking tours on the Perito Moreno Glacier different durations: A 3 hour tour, complete with a visit to the Visitor Center of Los Glaciares National Park, and a 5 hourlong expedition.

Equipped with crampons, explore the surface of Perito Moreno, walking among the whimsicalice formations. Crampons and ice cling to allow walk safely between rare formations that seemmodernist towers, clear water lagoons and deep cracks. Underfoot the river is heard.

TYPICAL MEALS IN El Calafate: Preparations of wild boar and trout with ingredients such as mushrooms, raspberries, blackberries, local herbs and fruit tree Calafate dishes. As in allPatagonia Patagonian trout and lamb are one of the main courses. The Patagonian lamb is a baby lamb can be roasted or cooked on the grill and served with traditional chimichurri sauce, mashed leeks and garnished with a delicious sauteed vegetables. The Patagonian trout on the other hand, is prepared with a mixture of spinach, onions, mushrooms and blue cheese that is used as filler for trout. Also traditional cold cuts, cheeses and delicious goat and cow. Anotherof the delights that can be enjoyed in El Calafate is the  Andean rabbit, whose flesh is passedin flour and fried in pan bathed in a delicate tomato sauce, orange zest and white wine, and served accompanied by potatoes sprinkled with ground almonds.

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