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Foods That Make Your Teeth Yellow

Some foods will make your teeth yellow,if you are in process of teeth whitening, try to avoid these foods. Here are some foods you must pay attention to.

1. Berry

Berries are juicy and always nutrient-rich, but they also full of colour which will leave thin-film in your teeth to make the teeth yellow.

2. Beetroot

If Beetroot fall down on your shirt, it is hard to clean, It is always same with your teeth, it will colour your teeth. Better to brush the teeth after having beetroot, clean the teeth thoroughly to avoid any colour.

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3. Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is a threat to teeth as it has deep colour and full of acid matter.Solution: Mix salad dressings and Balsamic vinegar, topping it to the vegetable. Balsamic vinegar would not smear your teeth as mix with vegetable.

4. Coffee and Tea

Teeth stains will speed up the teeth change colour,the pigments of coffee and tea will also change your teeth’s colour.Whatever you drink cappuccino or tea, if you drink too much or too often, it might increase the chances of teeth discoloured.

You will feel unnatural if your teeth is yellow and even affect your mood. In order to our health, we should care about our oral health, protect our teeth from being yellow.

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