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Holistic Massage Is A Balm

The effects of a massage can be mechanical, chemical, and psychological consequences. There are other classifications, some with signs for pain, blood or lymphatic circulation, on the nervous system, including through reflexive pressures and some work specifically musculature, connective tissue, etc.

Holistic massage is a sensitive massage, working stagnant emotions, while muscle tension, which produce blockages in the body and mind. Simple contact with the skin provides a sensation that makes us feel better. This massage works with sweet almond oil, enriched with essential oils.

Studying body systems we conclude that the ultimate goal of each system and their job is to select, metabolize and transport up every cell in our body all the material you need. When we act on the skin we are working to the brain.

With the holistic massage, working not only physiological (contractual, pressure, etc.) but adds an extra benefit, is that as we work with the client’s body, our vibrations, energy, maneuvers, feelings, etc. connect with theirs. The result is that body and mind relax at a time.

Penetration by massaging almond oil on the skin, which deeply hydrates, mixed with essential oils, which enhance the properties and benefits is provided. The effects of essential oils on the body, as to the physical, are improvement in circulation, silk and relaxes the nerves system reduces psychological stress level.

The movements used in massage consist of soft and strong kneading (especially in the back) outcrop, acupressure, pressure, etc.

The massage begins with the client face down. We establish contact with the customer covered with a towel steps based elephant. Apply the oil on your hands and start from the back, working in depth but gently from the base of the spine to the neck. Then unload the legs, activating circulation.

The customer turned and mouth given above, acupressure work with both feet before climbing the legs, arms and neck then. The center of the chest up and shoulders contour, and then conducted a vigorous smoother movement first. From there we go to the neck and a head massage would continue to create and close the positive energy and deep relaxation.

This is the main focus of a massage, a work oriented to silence the mind and get the person to a meditative state, relaxed, serene and clear. Always indicate posture as the therapist as much silence, avoid talking, only the minimum necessary phrases.

Sometimes, outside of a cabin, I hear the constant chatter of the therapist and massaged. And I’m sad because I am sure that the use and delivery will never be the same as they would remain silent, connecting with the body, with the path to the heart of the person, by taking so these moments to re-encounter with himself and let flow the insights, while reducing the physical pain, contractual recovering the body, releasing psycho-emotional repression and all that is not flowing, leading to meet the body’s harmony with the soul. So I say, silence is essential in the act of massage.

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