How Can Team Sport Positively Impact Your Life?

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There has been significant research into the positive impact of sport for children and young people. Studies suggest that those who play team sports are fitter, healthier and develop enhanced social skills, both on and off the sports field. Playing team sports can be hugely beneficial for adults too and offers far more than simply a fun way to stay in good shape.

Those who take part in team games as children tend to be healthier, fitter adults and are less inclined to smoke or participate in drug-taking behaviours. Team sports promote empathy and leadership skills and can improve self-esteem for children and adults alike. As well as the obvious psychological, emotional and physical benefits, what other benefits can team sports offer?


Team sports are all about bonding with team mates and working together to achieve a common goal. Team-building is a fantastic way to learn to work and interact with others, as well as formulate strategies – skills which transfer easily into other areas of life.

A Fun Way to Exercise

A team sport can be a great way to make keeping fit exciting and very different from the often mundane exercises many people subject themselves to instead. Team sports can be fun and varied. For example, hockey may involve both competitive games and field hockey drills. You can watch a Sportplan field hockey training video to learn more.

Reduce Stress

Exercise is a brilliant way to relieve the stresses and strains of daily life. The challenges offered by playing team sports are a way to switch off from tensions, anxieties and responsibilities and can be truly exhilarating.

Improved Social Life

Team games are incredibly sociable. Unlike working out alone, being a member of a team provides a unique sense of camaraderie. And very often friendships will extend beyond the sports field.

Encourage New Interests

Each and every game played will be different and a challenge in itself. Playing team games may also spark interest in a whole range of new and different sports and activities. It can introduce individuals to a new group of people, all with varying interests and networks of friends. Team sports can open doors not previously considered and give life new meaning.

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