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How Did News Websites Develop?

Online news has gradually emerged to become an integral part of news broadcast since 1990’s. With time audience realized that e-watching or reading news online is much more convenient and takes less time in comparison to the other ways like TV, radio, newspaper, journals etc. This led to a revolution in the news industry and a number of newspapers and news channels launched their websites which were appreciated by the most of the people. It helped in staying update about the current affairs and other important occurrences. From the inception, the reporting on the web has been done in three stages:

  1. They repurposed the prints material in almost the same manner on the internet webpages as was found in their print editions.
  2. Next, they recombined the information from the print editions and increasing its technical functionality by also taking content form other websites and producing a better content with higher intensity. This also included detailed information, site linking and classified advertisements on the news sites.
  3. Then these sites realized the importance and started creating unique content specifically for the online audience or e-readers. This comprised constant updates, special coverage of significant events, dedicated pages for important dates, breaking news flash and user authored content.

(Breaking news is a special report or news bulletin of a current issue which is so important that it can be broadcasted even at the cost of interruption of schedules programs.) This is now considered as the most influential forms of media and the audience includes teenagers, youth and people above that age. This means almost people of all age groups are target readers of the online news. However, the interest this huge audience varies. Different people like different types of news. This news can be divided into:

  • Current affairs
  • Sports news
  • Business News
  • Entertainment news
  • Weather news
  •  World News
  • National News Forums etc.

These news are also used for reconstructing a segment of an important previous story to explain its next stage of development. The biggest benefit of internet for news was archives available to the general reader. These websites store huge amount of gathered and accounted data. This previous data can be accessed by anyone who wants to know the older news coverage, anytime. This can helps us understand the conflicts or advancements of growth or development to create an authentic record for future use. This data can also be used for research analysis as it has a comprehensive as well as detailed description for social use. It is the best means which offers insight of the popular readers’ opinion on important events like elections etc. which furthers the democratic spirit among public. Hence, internet news are instrumental in increasing awareness about various causes among people. They is become indispensable resources and is considered a consolidated and primary source of news these days. Different news websites like CNN, BBC, Times of India, ABP, IBN7, etc. have a huge database and cosmic reach and therefore hold a significant position in the news industry.    

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