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How Does Peptides Enhancement Meet Equestrian Needs?

Equine contests are a visual experience and is carried out in almost all parts of the world. This racing depends solely on the performance of the horse in spite of the fact an experienced jockey may bring about a boost to an animal’s speed, it however largely depends on the horse to give out its best performance. This is because the horses depend upon their muscles for strength and stamina and they do not perform well enough at times, in spite of the fact that they have an experienced jockey to ride them. This is more so, when the horse is not declared absolutely fit during races or have developed some minor health problem. Under such circumstances and in order to bring about continuity and steadiness in performance the horse is given drugs like the TB 500 which is a synthetic peptide.

What is a Peptide?

Before we form an opinion as to why a horse or even human being is given synthetic peptides, we must have some knowledge as to what is a peptide. Peptides are amino acids chains and are naturally produced by the body so that the blood transports them to another end organs like the heart, liver and kidneys. It is actually the sizes of molecules that distinguishes between a peptide and a protein and are more or less similar in appearance and characteristics.

Further, when a peptide is quite large enough containing a single amino acid chain or has several chains, then it is called protein for a definite purpose. However, for people who are fitness buffs and want more strength and stamina than what they generally have then amino acid supplementation is given to improve their performance. However, of late it has been seen that peptides have more advantage of enhancing human and animal performance alike than the large protein supplementation.

The main reason for this is that the peptides are readily absorbed by the body, whereas the large protein needs to be broken down before being absorbed. Again, there is a degree of stability in peptides than unstable amino acids, especially the bonded ones.

Advantages of Synthetic Peptides

There has been rapid growth in demand for synthetic peptides of which both human and animal forms of the supplement have been significantly contributing to the sports arena due to their enhanced performance. Among the animal peptides the TB – 500 has been judged to be the front runner in supplements for horses as they have been found to be quite suitable and effective.

Among the benefits seen are increased muscle strength and endurance for horse while they are racing on the tracks. Even while stretching out to gather more speed in racing, the horses tissues that get damaged are repaired faster and there is a good flow of substances from one cell to another. There is a significant gain in nutrients in the animal apart from reducing inflammation of tissues and joints.

Peptides intake in horses prevents any anomalies in muscles, ligaments and tendons and hence they are able to get an uninterrupted run without even feeling any strain anywhere. This makes the race course scenes even more vibrant as presently almost all breeds of horses are given the synthetic supplement of peptides to improve their performance. Again, the intake of drugs has not shown any side effects and as such the animals are given this supplement quite often to boost their spirit and energy.

Even in the case of horses weak with some ailments the dosage of peptides has seen to increase the speed of their recovery. There is more research being carried out about peptides, but generally all the horse trainers have expressed satisfaction with the increased performance of their horses.

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