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Keep Your Family Warm And Safe At Christmas

At the time of writing this article Christmas is only three months away, which is a scary thought when itself, however the purpose of writing this is to make you think about keeping your family warm and safe at Christmas by making sure that your boiler and central heating system is functioning properly and well maintained. I know that with so much excitement around the corner your central heating is one of the last things that you particularly want to think about, but it is worth giving it a moment of thought and running a few checks.

If your boiler isn’t working properly then you could easily find this term from a minor annoyance in a life-threatening situation. Boilers rely on gas and electricity and if they are not functioning properly, then you risk a gas leak, power outage, or a lot worse.

Many plumbing and heating companies will run a series of special offers in the months leading up to Christmas that revolve around the servicing of your boiler and central heating system and this is an option that you should seriously consider taking them up on. They will visit your home and run a series of checks to make sure everything is in perfect working order so that you can sit back and relax over the Christmas period.

If you’re not looking to have a specialist visit your home to run a full service on your boiler and heating system, then there are a number of things that you can do yourself.

Check the Water Pressure

Make sure that it is at a good level, not too high and not too low.

Check that All of your Radiators are Working

Just because one radiator is working it doesn’t mean that the others are because of this it is well worth your time going around and checking each radiator individually. If you find any cold spots on the radiators then you should believe them to let out any trapped pockets of air and allow the hot water to circulate properly.

Check for Any Visible Leaks

You can check visible pipework very easily either just by looking at them or by running dry tissue around them to see if there is any dampness. If you do find the water is leaking from a pipe, then you should get it looked at immediately because a small leak can turn into a very big one at the drop of a hat. This certainly isn’t something that you would want to happen while you’re relaxing over the festive period.

Make sure that Taps aren’t Dripping

Quite often this will only be a minor frustration, however, there are occasions, especially if your home is on a water meter, that a leaking tap can cost a lot of money. It is usually very quick and cheap to have repaired and quite often you can even do it yourself.

Don’t leave things to chance. Christmas is an expensive time of year and a very busy one. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to deal with an emergency plumbing situation.

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