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The layout rule for living room

Layout Tips For Living Room

Without right layout hacks, even high quality and most trendy furniture cannot add any score to your living room decoration. Layout do not means place furniture and other home furnishings as you want, there are some rules for it.

The Layout Rules for Living Room

1. Make Sure it Looks Roomy

Creating roomy feel is essential for living room layout, no matter your living room is large or small. Roomy feeling can bring relaxing and happy mood for people.

2. Unhindered Layout

The layout of living room should be fluent – which means people can pass through living room freely.

The Layout of Living Room Furniture

1. Selection of Furniture

Who will use the furniture and what the furniture will used to do are two elements must considered in selecting living room furniture. For the consideration of kid’s and senior’s safety, there must be no sharp corner and edge on living room furniture. Environmental protection performance is another factor should consider.

2 . Selection and Placement of living room sofa

The most important furniture in living room is sofa. The selection and placement of sofa decide the decoration effect of living room.

U shaped placement: it is the most common sofa placement. It can be used in any living room and make full use of space. Usually the layout of U shaped placement is a three seat sofa + a loveseat + two single sofas. U shaped sofa placement not only convenient for chat between family and friend, but also convenient for watching TV.

L shaped placement: the combination form of L shaped placement is diversified. It is often used in rectangle living room.

Round placement: round placement can create warm and harmonious home environment. This placement suits for rectangle living room in medium size.

Symmetrical placement: placing two sofas against each other is not common placement in our life, but it is a good placement method for people do not like to watch TV. Symmetrical placement also can make large space not hollowness and elegant. Footstool can be used to match with it.

3. Use Furniture as Partition

The partition of different functional zones can be divided into soft and hard partition. In fact, furniture is a kind of good partition way. There are many furniture can be used as partition in living room: sofa, cabinet, bookcase etc. the space demarcation of furniture partition is blurry, but it suit the roomy requirement of living room.

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