Multipurpose Utilities Of Wood Veneer Panels and Their Applications

About Wood Veneers:

A house is considered to be the essence of human existence. Every human being spends a considerable amount of time of their life in their house and this why the need of good home decorations has become more and more important. Well decorated houses not only provide human beings a good motivation in their day to day activities it also keep them refreshed. In modern days the essence of good home decor has become even important. There are various kinds of home décors available in the market and Wood Veneer Panels have brought a new revolution in today’s world of home decorations.

Importance of Having Wood Veneer Panels

Walls are considered as the important part of every house and as a result having good decorative walls are of more importance. These Wood Veneer panels are having few advantages which make these products more demanding.

  • The wood finish texture of these panels looks so beautiful in the walls which give a total woody look to the walls.
  • There are different kinds of texture available on wooden finish for customers which give more options to the customers depending upon their taste. They give their customers more options to choose from wide variety of products.
  • These products are easy to use and are normally having less maintenance cost compared to normal paints.
  • The wooden finish of these panels makes this product very beautiful in appearance and they also provide a new look for your house wherever these panels are installed.

Different Types of Veneer Panels

Several designs and types of Wood Veneer panels are available in the market. The types are mentioned below: 

  • Murano Acoustics Wood Panels – These types of panels are more of designer kind of panels which are normally fixed in ceilings which provide a good sound absorption quality.
  • Sanded/Solid/Repaired Faces Panels – These types of panels are usually available for drawers, shelves and cupboards. These are mostly used in furnishing materials which provide a good look for the furniture.
  • Surface/Coating Panels – The varieties of panels are mainly used in places like offices. These panels provide a better quality of security because of its lightness and fire resistance quality. A large variety of surfaces (materials, structures and colours) give these units special appearance. In union with the functional perforation and slotting, this results in the definite MAKUSTIK design
  • Wood Veneer Panels – This kind of panels are mainly used for making of doors and table tops where very thick slice of wooden panels are being used.
  • Specifying Face Veneer Panels- These kinds of panels are basically known for its special hardness along with its decorations.
  • Modern Wall Panels- This kind of product is used only for its art. These kinds of panels are having different kind of art panels which gives the wall a luxurious look. It is famous for its gorgeous characteristics.

Taking Care of Wooden Panels

Wooden veneer panels offer numerous facilities and features but still you should be careful about the below mentioned points before choosing the right type of panel: 

  • Damp Proof: The panels should only be installed in walls which are damp proof. If the walls in which these are installed are having damp, then the whole installation process will be a failure as the pasting will come out of the wall.
  • Polishing:  These kinds of panels can be maintained using standard commercial cleaners and local polishing materials. This will not cost you much.
  • Dusting: The normal day to day dust can easily be removed by using normal household dusters which make these products easier in maintenance.

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