Online Games Can Be Played Anywhere Easily

Advancement in technology has created a different style of living. Compared to the earlier life style today everyone relies on computers for everything. From studies to media to games everything is available online. Kids used to enjoy playing outside with their friends after school hours and on vacations. But these days are also glued to the computer. Thanks to the computer games.

Computer Games an Attraction to Kids

Initially, everyone used to play the games which used to come with the Microsoft software.  Later there were additional CDs which you load on to your computer and play. Now the advancement is the free online games.  It has become popular because you can play on any computer, ipad or mobile if you have an internet connection. It is free so tension in downloading it. You could play as long as you wish.

Compared to the traditional games played outside these games have more choices. The speed and points collected in the game are a basic attraction. These games are not only for kids. Elders too enjoy the game as much as the kids. So the games have become very popular. For example we have free online games on the topmost gaming sites. The games are Sonic Smash Bros, Angry Bird Flash and Dragon of Atlantis. They fall into categories like team games, shooting games, and truck games and so on.

The Team games mean you could choose more than 1 player. So you either play with the computer or with any other person who is also playing the game at the same time. You could call your friend and ask him to play the game with you at the same time. So there are choices, either you play with someone online or with your friend. This adds fun to the game. The games are created with 3D effects. So it is more interesting.

Once you login you could see who is currently playing what game and you could choose your partner from the list. There are new games like the eye surgery and the heart surgery. Irrespective of the age group, these online games attract everyone. Like if you are using a social media like the facebook you could play games and even invite your friends to play with you.

Angry birds are a very popular game around the world. The logo has become so popular that you could find angry bird key chains, t-shirts and much more. Once you clear the first level you go up the next level and so on.

Racing cars, bike rice are also popular like the video games which used to be played earlier. The same games are available online so you could race with your friend and have more fun. Other games are fighting games and shooting games. There are some games which are not suitable for kids below 16 yrs. Like the shooting game is not advisable for kids.

There are games which could be of interest for girls. They are the dress up games such as a hello kitty house; harry potter dress up, dark fairy dress up, tropical make up and so on. There are many categories like the strategy games, heroes, famous games to attract people of all age groups. The games could be played from your ipad or mobile if you have an internet connection. So you could play when you travel or from any place as long as there is an internet connection. This is the biggest advantage of online games. There is no need to download any software so you could play from anybody’s computer. The games keep going on interesting once you start playing them.

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