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Prepare Your Home For A Long Absence

So, you have planned to go on a holiday trip for a few weeks? There are numerous things that you are obliged to do, in order to leave your home safe, and by that, we don’t mean just to remind you to turn on your alarm system. Many things can go wrong while you are absent, causing massive damage to your house, and in addition, ruining your vacation. Here is a list of things you should consider doing, in order to prevent such scenario.


The best and the first thing you could do is to ask a trusting neighbor to take your spare key for a few weeks. In that way, he can react almost instantly, if something bad happens, and in addition, seeing that someone is in the house will keep potential thieves away.


By unplugging any devices and facilities, your benefit is twofold; reducing risk of the fire outburst caused by arcing, and also reducing your electricity bill. Leave only essential devices such as refrigerator turned on, so the food won’t spoil.


Combined with the bad electricity, leaking gas can cause such massive damage, which can level down your house in a second, and there is no help, for the explosion is instant and extremely violent, and can jeopardize even your neighbors. In order to prevent this scenario, switch off the main gas valve, to prevent it even entering your house.


Prepare Your Home For A Long Absence

If left unattended, water can flood the whole house, or can damage walls and even foundations of the house can be endangered. To prevent this happening, close down main water valve, and to be extra sure, leave a phone number to your neighbor, in case that some emergency plumbing is required.


When it comes to preventing unwanted visitors to invade your house, there are several signs that can tell that no one is at home, and you wish to prevent this. Cancel or postpone any subscribed newspapers or other material that can pile up in front of your door, or ask to be delivered to your neighbor instead. Also, turning down your phone ringer will prevent potential burglar to call you, and see if you will answer. Another good piece of advice is to double check all doors and windows, even those in the basement, for they may be small, but nowadays about 30 percent of thieves are teenagers, and they can easily slip through. Turning on the alarm is essential, and we can add to pack inside the garage, if you are going by car, in order to prevent someone from seeing you doing so.


Prepare Your Home For A Long Absence

In case that you own cat or a god, recruit a friend, relative or neighbor to take care about them, or you can choose to leave them for a few weeks in specialized hotels for  pets which are made just for this.

So, with everything said taken into consideration, if you wish to have carefree vacation, check this simple list twice. Just in case.

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