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Risks and Rewards Associated With Investment In Rental Properties

Investment rental properties are nothing but properties which are bought for the purpose of renting and earning extra income. As every investment, there is risk involved in this, but it is fairly small and there is no chance of loss as it is a long term investment. Besides, the population rise and inflation in our country will never allow the prices to fall or go below the cost of the property.  There are several new projects in India, which are worth investing as rental properties as they are equipped with all the modern facilities and have a better infrastructure as compared to the olden projects.  An upcoming city in the field of real estate is the pink city of India, Jaipur. It is an all-rounder as it has everything, be it great infrastructure or reputed huge giant firms to boost its economy! Considering this reason, many people are looking for new projects in Jaipur to invest and add to their money tree.  The new projects in Jaipur are as lavish and royal as the city. But as every coin has two sides, investment rental properties also have some risks involved with them. Some of them are: –

  1. Change in furniture or spoiled infrastructure: – many of the residents of the house would spoil the furniture or spoil the infrastructure either intentionally or mistakenly. The remains of the posters, scratches on the floor while shifting the furniture, breakage of some delicate things are very common when it comes to renting properties. Well, one can mention about this in the agreement as a separate clause, but man is to error and mistakes can happen by anyone!
  2. Late or no rent payment:- the biggest hassle while giving out a property on rent is when a person postpones the rent or runs away without paying the rent. There are several cases when the residents have fled away along with all the furniture provided in the house! One can surely complaint to police but it would take a lot of time and money to indulge in the legal matters so one rather avoids it!

As discouraging the risks may sound, the rewards will surely change one’s mind as they are real and not as rare as the above risks. Some of the best rewards of rental properties are:-

  1. Regular income: – what can be better than just sitting at home and receiving around 20000 per month for that investment in new projects in Jaipur?  Many people are looking for new projects in Jaipur and if you succeed in investing in one of these new projects in Jaipur, you can surely give it to rent to those unfortunate ones and take a hefty rent from them! This will give extra income to a person and add to the wealth of a person!
  2. No education or training needed: – to work in a company at a specific post, a person needs a certain amount of qualifications and set of training. But to earn money via investments in rental properties, one only needs to invest wisely once and see the regular income filling that new bank account!

Thus, the risks may pull one back from investing, but if the rewards and risks are compared, the risks will seem to be miniature and one can surely bare those risks to get those higher returns! So invest in any of the new projects in India to get a proper monthly income and make the most out of the money! After all, the new projects in India represent the modern India, which resembles a stronger, brighter and wiser India!

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