Sharing Russia’s Beauty With Slide Share

A web based slide hosting service that has been encouraging users to upload files both privately and publicly. This is a web 20 based services where the formats of files can be power point, PDF, Keynote or open document presentations. Somewhat similar to YouTube but just a slide share to share with any one you want. This is being designed as one of the best way to share businesses among employees, and has been expanding since a long. Believed to host a large number of slides that are uploaded merely to entertain as well. Possibly every one cannot visit all places on earth, but can go through them through the slide share. Somewhat like Aubrey Chernick who has presented the slide with the beautiful natural slides collected from Russian travels.  Believed to be visited by 58 million visitors and even can be subscribed to read more about different topics of one’s own choice. This is one of the registered web sites that have been popularized since a long. Basically one can share any kind of topic and further can get it subscribed for any one needed.

Aubrey Photos from Russia 

This is one of the latest and beautiful pictures collected from Russia.  Aubrey chernick is famous for entrapping such beautiful nature based photos that direct the nature. The state tretyakov gallery from Moscow that symbolizes the foremost depository of Russia can be known more when one tries to read more about it from the pictures on slide share. As presented in slide share this gallery’s history started in 1856 when the Moscow merchant acquired works by the Russian artists. Apart from that there are pictures from the museum gallery, natural beauty entrapped with the riding on the Niva River 1854 and many more that are eye catching. There is a lot of collection from the tretyakov gallery which is irrestibaly beautiful.  For those who are history lovers can get in touch with the real images from the gallery with the slide share. There are paintings that proved the existence of Christ and pictures that are designed as a collection containing more than 130,000 exhibits. On slide share these are all together selected and focused to preserve the best of history. There is hermitage one of the famous museums of the times and many others as well that are present across Russia. This is a great vintage collection across the country on slide share.


Especially for those who are in love with history can have a look to these slides and create a great collection with slide share. Russia is a wonderful place, but it’s obvious that some people might not get a chance to go there. This can be a phenomenal method to travel to the great museums with slide share. The nature’s beauty and the collection from them create a happiness of being blown away with the beauty of Russia.


Now with slide share technically one can travel to the country and enjoy the architecture, nature and even read more with these slides.

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