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Should I Repair or Replace My Faulty Boiler?

When a boiler isn’t working properly or doesn’t work for periods of time it can be frustrating.  A boiler on the fritz begs the question; do I need to replace it or do I need it repaired?  One conclusion is simple; you don’t want cold showers and baths, freezing mornings or boiling water to wash dishes.  To make things clearer we are going to look at four questions that will make the decision easier.

What Is The Age of Your Boiler?

There are two reasons that age should factor into the decision; first, because after ten years many manufacturers discontinue replacement parts and accessories.  The other consideration is that an older boiler may not be as efficient.  The lack of efficiency may be costing you more funds to keep it running than a newer boiler would.

Is Your Boiler Efficient?

Efficiency plays a major role in the decision to repair or replace.  A boiler that is seven or more years old is likely lacking the energy efficiency of a newer model.

If your boiler was installed after 2004 it should be high efficiency, since that is when high efficiency units became regulatory. A high efficiency boiler can save an owner 38% in fuel cost over a year.  With the cost of energy rising daily this is certainly a point to ponder.

Is The Repair Worth the Cost?

Repairs to a boiler can run hundreds of pounds and you really need to know if it is worth it.  At some point it might be wiser to invest those pounds in a new boiler.  Figure time off work waiting for the repairman as part of the cost as well.  Before you make the call for a repairthink back and ask yourself how many times you’ve had it repaired.  Another matter to consider is that only the parts that are being replaced will be guaranteed; not the whole system.

Has Your Boiler Been Reliable in the Past?

Consider the past performance of the boiler before making a final decision on replacement or repairs.  If the boiler has been privy to problems since it was first installed; repairing it may not be the way to go; you might just be throwing money away.

If it has been a reliable boiler with few repairs and it is efficient repairing it might be the most logical choice.  If you have doubts contact a repairman and let him give you a detailed list of what needs repair.  Please make sure you research a reputable repairman and don’t get shafted.

Always Go Professional

Repairing or replacing a boiler can be costly and should be done by a certified professional.  Check to verify that they are certified and trained by the boiler manufacturer so you know that everything will be done to specifications.

This is a big investment that needs to be done correctly so; your boiler keeps you cozy without draining your pocket with outrageous energy bills.  If done right it can also help with insurance fees and costly repairs further down the road.

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