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Show The Glow So All Will Know: 4 Advantages Of Using Neon Signs

Neon signs are everywhere, and they have been for a very long time. Like the Statue of Liberty, the neon sign was a gift from France. The notable Frenchman, Georges Claude, discovered a way to make them in the early 1900’s and sold a couple of them to a company in the United States. They caught on quickly, and over the last 90 years, they have not lost their popularity. There is a reason for this. They are effective. There are numerous advantages to neon signs. Here are four reasons, whether it is for your business or your home bar, to consider using them:

1. The Light They Cast Lasts and Lasts!

Did you know neon signs can last for years, possibly decades? In fact, the average life span of a neon sign is about 8-15 years. That means, the same light that shone through the Bush years is likely to make it through the Obama years as well!

2. Their Energy Efficiency Saves on Electric Fees!

The light emitted from a neon sign is concentrated within a small wavelength, which means it uses a small amount of energy to produce its spectacular amount of light. A 75-watt light bulb uses more energy than a neon sign. In fact, the average operating cost per day for neon signs is approximately 20 cents. That is $1.40 cents a week and $5.60 cents a month. In other words, business owners, for the price of one good cup of coffee a month, you can lure countless customers to your establishment with nifty neon signs.

3. They can be Custom Made to Fit your Style, Brand, or Trade!

Due to the wide array of colors as well as the flexibility of design, neon sign makers can customize your sign to meet your needs. That means if you own a logging company and you want a neon sign with an ax in a stump and a pile of logs to the side, you can have that sign. Or, if your house is the main party house for all your friends, and you want custom neon bar signs that show how cool you really are, you can have those signs.

4. They Catch the Eye of the Passerby!

Neon signs are a marriage of gas, tubes, and electricity that lures the eye and grabs the attention of your customers. They are bright and pretty, and people want to look at them. A well placed neon sign is a great advertisement to potential customers. Their alluring abilities are not confined to clear, cloudless nights. They are just as effective during the day and in foggy conditions. So when Mr. and Mrs. Happy are driving through the foggy night in need of temporary lodging, a strategically placed neon sign on your Bed and Breakfast will draw them toward your lovely establishment.

With all of these benefits, it is safe to say working a neon sign or two into your advertising budget may help bring customers to your door.

Ronald Moritzski is a retired designer of neon signs and custom neon bar signs. After working with the signs for years, he now enjoys relaxing at home with his wife and grandchildren.

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