Significance Of The Identification Of Accidented Or Stolen Vehicle

Yes, having a clear vision regarding “Spotted” vehicle is quite necessary in this era.  The day by day changing social disorders have forced to human being to adopt a number of ways to sort out the odd one. It is quite possible that a vehicle has been stolen from some other state and being sold in some other state.  After rough dealing, if a person caught by the police, that condition is quite difficult as without having any fault, the present owner has to face a long harassment.  Any new vehicle has a unique identification number which is available at several places inside the vehicle.  The owner can easily find out the same and can check the authenticity from web.  NICB is the largest controller of vehicle theft or fraud.  All the criminal records related with the vehicles, is kept at NICB.

The official website of the department has a huge data base that possesses all the new VIN.  As and when any vehicle sold out from the showroom, its VIN automatically goes to the NICB.  This VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) has all the details about vehicle.  Date of manufacturing, chassis number of the vehicle, engine number, FIP (Fuel Injection Pump) number, if applicable, whether pre-fabricated or not, name and address of the owner, transfer details with contact number of various owners, involvement in accidents or thefts, avoiding traffic signals attempt, overtaking from wrong side any many more minute details are endorsed in the detailed history of the vehicle.  This record is quite help full while purchasing or selling of the same.  Buyer and seller both can be satisfied if the VIN check results come satisfactory.

In case of any theft, the vin check will pull out that the vehicle is missing from somewhere and the report is with the local police authorities.  Just on the loss of vehicle, the owner informs the police with VIN.  The details immediately communicated to NICB which circulates the same to all the police points for searching the same.   There is some of the restriction on tracking the VIN from home.  The free VIN check-up has the limitation of maximum five check-ups in 24 hours.  One IP address is applicable for maximum 5 searches in one day.  A number of companies are there which are functioning as franchise of the NICB and providing free vin check.   The VIN is the series of 17 different numbers.  In this series Numerical and Alphabets are also counted.  The combination of these letters is quite confidential and has the detailed elaboration of the vehicle.  Every digit in the VIN shows some different features.

How One should Check the VIN from Websites 

To get the result of VIN, one should log in either to the official website of NICB or any other detective website which provides free vin check.  On the NICB’s website, there is a search bar.  Put the VIN in the bar and hit enter.  There will be a small window asking the type of search. You should click on Private.  In next few seconds, the detailed information of the concerned vehicle will be on the screen. You can take printout of the same or save the soft copy in your mobile too.  For general information of the public, the first three digits of the VIN, explain the original manufacturer of the vehicle.  Next six digits will display the technical details of vehicle and locally applied police regulations.  Last seven digits are the third portion of the identification.  This section will help to identify the installation of the new engine or fitment of the new chassis with date and time.  In nutshell, the updated records will keep the owner aware regarding legal status of the vehicle.

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