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Simple Keyhole Surgery Can Remedy Reflux

Everyone is apprehensive if they are faced with surgery. So many procedures are commonplace these days that there is little to worry about given the quality of today’s medical services. That being said, every patient will have questions about a diagnosis and the potential remedy. Most of them will be answered even before they are posed; part of the role of the medical profession is to explain the problem and the best solution.

Internal Pain

Few ordinary people know about the internal workings of the body. They can feel pain but don’t know the reason for it. A fair number of people suffer on a regular basis from gastro-oesophageal reflux which is caused by acids in the stomach and manifests itself in heartburn, chest pains or hoarseness as the reflux barrier fails to protect the oesophagus from what is happening in the stomach.

It is a condition that can lead to more serious things, and therefore it is important to seek help. Anyone that has difficulty in swallowing should certainly seek help sooner rather than later.

Gastro Scope

A gastro scope inserted down into the gullet will show what is happening; some things may be obvious but often a harmless biopsy is the way to find out more. In some cases a lifestyle change and medication is sufficient to solve the problem. Diet is the subject of regular publicity in the UK and obesity as well as smoking can cause this problem. When medication and change of lifestyle cannot solve the problem, surgery may be the answer.

The question is how effective it might be? Professionals that specialise in anti reflux surgery in London will ensure that the concerns people have about lying on the operating table are allayed. Certainly surgery should guarantee that the patient should not need to take further medication in the coming years, though the remedy may not last a lifetime. The whole procedure can be done by keyhole surgery and involves recreating the ‘barrier’ between the stomach and the oesophagus.

Post Operation

There may be slight swelling immediately after the operation; any difficulty with swallowing will be temporary and dietary recommendations will need to be followed, mainly just liquids and soft foods for a while. Once a patient has the confidence to eat and drink without supervision, they are likely to be released, typically just a few days after the operation.

There is a recovery period after all surgery. It is important not to return to normal activities too quickly, and driving should be avoided until the patient feels entirely comfortable. Such surgery is simple; it is a solution to reflux and is likely to be effective in stopping associated internal pain.

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