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Teaching Kids How To Care For Their Dog

Pet Introduction

Children, especially younger, may seem like they are unable to take care of a dog, but if you introduce the new member of the family as such then they will have an easier time accepting their duties. You will have to explain that a dog is not merely a pet, rather a new sibling that the child will have to pay attention too.

When meeting with the new dog, be careful how they will interact with children, if you see that the new pet is acting friendly and lets the child pet them, then everything is alright. However, if you see signs of aggression from either the child or the dog, leave the close introductions for a later time.

Remember to explain to the children that petting dogs without the owner’s and the dog’s permission is extremely dangerous.

Hugs and Kisses

Your kids might want to hug and kiss the new dog, which is a great way to establish initial bonds but be careful to teach you kids that too much squeezing might provoke the dog to retaliate, after all these are not plush toys but living creatures.

Teach your kids also that dogs love to be stroked on the neck, scratched behind their ears and generally love a friendly pat. But, be wary as patting the head might seem to invasive for dogs.

Feeding Time is Sacred

Tell your children that, when dogs are eating they really do not like to be bothered and that they will retaliate. Moreover, giving your dog some privacy and some alone time to enjoy their meal and their chew toy from time to time is also important.

It is generally a good idea to give dogs some areas which are kid-free and where they can retreat to without being bothered. Teach your children that if they see their dog there, not to bother them.

Friends for Life


Although it might seem that there are more worries and that your child might get hurt a lot, it is far better to think about the long lasting outcome of such a bond being created between your dog and your child. It is extremely important that you teach your kid a proper way of taking care of the dog and they will get along nicely without any problems.

Pet care products are also essential and most of them can be acquired in local pet shops or even online. You can always get something your dog will like, for example Canex Chews, and always make sure that the product is safe for both the dog and the child.

Asserting Dominance

Although it is fun to play staring games with friends, teach your kids that it can be really dangerous if they would do it with their dogs as dogs might see it as a threat and react violently. Moreover, yelling, jumping and a lot of your children’s games might scare the dog and it can react violently by barking at your child; explain that if this happens, it is best to stay calm and to let the dog calm down as well.

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