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The Beginners Guide To Kitchen Cleaning

It a known fact that although everyone would like a clean home not everyone has time and when they do we often can think of plenty of other things that you can do in your spare time. For me, keeping a clean house has always been high up on my priority list; in fact, my partner would argue that I’m a bit obsessive about cleaning, but it gives me great satisfaction when I see sparkling floors, a shiny stainless steel fridge and crystal clear windows! Everyone should take pride in cleaning their kitchen, it is the hub of the home, where many families congregate, prepare and eat their food. Here’s a few tips that I’ve picked up over the years, things that are easy, cheap, effective and more importantly quick! With 3 children and 4 grandchildren I appreciate there isn’t much time in the day left to start scrubbing your oven! Cleaning a kitchen may come naturally to some people, but those without a lot of experience shouldn’t worry.

Be Prepared!

Firstly, you need to prepare yourself – always start cleaning when you are at your more energetic (maybe even have a coffee before to give you that extra buzz!)  Play your favourite, lively music in the background, with a glass of something fizzy to keep you quenched. It will make the experience more pleasurable and for some…even a little fun.

Secondly, make sure you have your tools handy – depending on the type of floor you have you will either need a hoover or a mop and bucket (steam cleaner), a couple of sponges, a few bowls that you can fill with liquid. Now you are armed and ready to go, let’s start from the top down to the bottom, therefore you are looking at targeting your tops of cabinets and fridge first (don’t forget to dust any lighting) using warm soapy water.

Some Sneaky Short Cuts!

  • To freshen the microwave and loosen cooked-on food, heat half of a lemon in a small bowl of water on high for 30 seconds. You can use the warm lemon to scrub out the inside of the microwave (always use rubber gloves!)
  • Hoover the cabinets, then wipe with a damp cloth. Believe it or not, even though drawers and doors cover your cabinets, crumbs and bugs are devious. A couple of times a year, hovering the inside of cabinets will help vastly. On a regular basis, a quick wipe-down with warm, soapy water (or water and vinegar) is usually all it takes.
  • Clean windows with water and vinegar – this will bring them up to shine, if you don’t like the smell just add a touch of lemon to the mixture. If you choose multipurpose cleansers, you won’t even have to switch gears as you move on to counter tops, wall splashes and appliance surfaces.
  • Shine up that sink with the appropriate cleaner for your material. The rough side of a sponge will get gunk off the drain crevices. Don’t forget to clean the bins in the kitchen to help eradicate odours.
  • Sweep, then mop the floor. Mop water should be hot for the best results. For daily dirt, a water-and-vinegar combination usually is enough to get the job done. Depending on your floor surface and the degree of dirt other specialty floor cleaners may be necessary. If your floor is in really bad shape, you’ll want to change the water frequently so you’re not mopping with dirty water.

Always remember when cleaning, use the least noxious substance first when deep cleaning. If you can clean it with water, use water. If you need something stronger, move up a notch to warm, soapy water, then vinegar and water, and so on. Save the ammonia, bleach and other harsher chemicals for last resorts. Not only will it save you money, it’s better for the environment.

(Cleaning Tips from KomPear Cleaning).

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