The Best Budget Touchscreen Laptops Under 35K

The modern day smartphones have marked the era of touchscreen, it is indeed a technological marvel that today, we can accomplish various tasks just with the tap of a button. The ease of touchscreen mobile and their utility factor is unquestionable. Taking cue from this modern day obsession of the touchscreen feature, the technology makers have gone a step ahead and implemented the same technology in yet another marvel device, a device without which it is impossible to think of living a life, yes, we are talking about the Laptops.

Several global players like Lennovo, Dell, and HCL have made using laptops easy like never before. The advent of the hybrid laptops, which serves the dual purpose of both laptop and a tablet has become quite a rage these days. The ability to dismantle the screen from the main body of the laptop has given the users the flexibility to use their laptop as a tablet as and when required. Not to mention, it has taken laptop portability to another level altogether. Today, there are a myriad of choices for choosing the best touchscreen laptop. Still if you are confused and feel it to be overwhelming to make the right choice, it is best advised to first check the laptop price list and see which laptop is offering the best feature and comes with a decent price tag that is affordable for you. Surprisingly there are plenty of models under 35K range, some of the best models you can consider buying are:

Dell Inspiron 15 3521

No laptop list would be complete without at least one Dell model featuring in it. Dell is always known to be a brand that is in the forefront in keeping with the latest trends and implementing the latest technology. The Inspiron 15 3521 touchscreen is one just fine example. This model is power-driven by the latest Windows 8 OS and comes loaded with a powerful hardware specification. It boasts of having Intel core i3 3rd Generation processor that has 1.8 Ghz speed and a 4 GB DDR3 RAM. Some critics suggest the hardware is not as good as other high end modes available in the market but considering its price (Rs. 34,500), it more than does justice.

Lenovo Ideapad A10

This hybrid laptop prices comes with a meagre price tag of Rs. 17,610, which is a nominal price to pay considering the fact you would be delighted using the tablet. On the hardware front, the laptop boasts of having a powerful Cortex Quad Core processor that clocks a speed of 1.6 GHz. Another important feature of this laptop that deserves a special mention is its dual Li-ion battery that promises you uninterrupted 9 working hours with normal usage.  Another awesome feature of the laptop is its awesome screen, the 10.1 inches screen size coupled with 1336 x 768 pixel resolution that makes using the laptop safer to the eyes.

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