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The Delightful Journey With Emirates

The Delightful Journey With Emirates

There is no denying that if given a choice, we would only travel fancily through business class. From Etihad Airways, United Airlines, Cathay pacific, Qantas, Thai Airways to Emirates, I have had my share of travel experiences on airlines. I feel that now I am in a position to judge all business classes fairly well. However, I am in no way implying that my opinion is the only right one. Everyone is entitled to differ since everyone has gone through different experiences on different airlines. Going by my experiences, I would say that I had the most delightful journey on Emirate business class. I’m not sure if it was that smiling air hostess who helped me with my child or was it that delicious steak, somehow that journey made emirates my personal favorite airline. The perks of using Emirates business class begin way before you board the plane.

A chauffer driven car picked my family and me from home and we got to the airport in an air-conditioned vehicle feeling very special. When we reached the airport, our business class tickets entitled us to access a very fancy lounge. We got through the airport process pretty quickly and were given priority boarding. I remember exchanging a look with my husband as we reached our cabin on the plane. We both knew at once, this was going to be a nice journey. The seats were wide. The cushioning was very comfortable and soft. Our seats had a spacious leg space in the front so stiff legs was not something we had to worry about.

We had access to a power supply and table. My workaholic husband was overjoyed and got to working on his laptop within an hour of the plane taking off while I spent time tweeting and using facebook on my ipad. Bored after sometime, I decided it was time to watch a movie before my 8 month old daughter decided to wake up. It took me around five minutes to select a movie from the huge collection. We were offered juice and champagne by a very sweet air hostess. It was not only offered once, but at regular intervals. It felt nice to be taken care of. During one point, I was changing my daughter’s diaper and she was crying. Without my asking, the air hostess asked if she should make the milk while I changed her. It was a kind gesture.

I was grateful for the help. Our dining experience was pretty good. I had a steak while my husband got pasta. My steak was delicious. Considering how bad plane food tastes, I could have even been happy with a slightly normal dish. I did not expect it to be actually delicious. For a nap, with just one button, we were able to make our seats into flat beds. It helped me get a good 5 hour long sleep. The only downside of emirates business class may be the price. It is expensive but definitely has value for money. I had been told by many people that Emirates business class flights are good but I found it better than my imagination.

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