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The Hidden Health Benefits Of Massage

Everyone enjoys their fair share of massages often because it feels good and can relieve tightness in our body.  However, massages and physical contact in fact may lessen depression, lower blood pressure, and even improve immunity.  A report by Mark Rapaport, MD/ looked at 53 healthy adults who received one of two types of touch treatments; swedish massage and light touch treatment.  Those who experienced swedish massage with moderate to heavy pressure showed decreases in stress hormones and increases white blood cells, which indicates a boost in the immune system.

Those who had a light touch treatment showed high levels of oxytocin, which is a hormone that promotes bonding.  Based on these results and findings, it is believed that massage may in fact be an effective way of treating inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.  Toronto Massage therapy can help in relieving sore muscles, soft tissues, and joints in the body.  This not only improves your physical health, but can improve your mental well being as well, as you are not constantly sore and tight and have a greater amount of pain-free movement.

The Hidden Health Benefits Of Massage

A Cedars-Sinai study shows that there is a link between touch, whether it be massage or hand holding, and improved health.  A recent study conducted by the University of North Carolina found that those sitting in close contact with a partner for 10 minutes lowered blood pressure in women.  Physical contact can also trigger a boost in serotonin, a natural antidepressant.  Tiffany Field, who has a PhD in Touch Research, recommends that everyone should get a regular dose of some type of touch lasting a few minutes each day, but 10 to 15 minutes would be optimal.  This can lead to an improved immune system and create a higher energy.  There are a couple different ways in which you can incorporate touch into your day such as:

1. Working it out yourself – This can be done through pilates, ballroom dance, or yoga.

2. Check Your Policy – Some health insurers will cover a session of massage as they are beginning to find it not just as a form of therapy but a form of preventive care.  Pacific Wellness Acupuncture Clinic in Toronto works with health insurers and you can often be reimbursed for a session.

3. Hug Someone – When giving someone a hug you stimulate their pressure receptors as well as your own

4. Do It Yourself – This is an easy fix as you just need a tennis ball and can roll over sore spots that you have in your body.

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